The word boxing has become synonymous with the name Muhammad Ali, and for very good reason. Muhammad Ali was not just any boxer, he was a legend, and every single game he was a part of is enough proof that he deserved all the admiration he received.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Ali was his victorious fighting blueprint. His skills in the ring were exemplary, and his courage outside of the ring triumphed his athleticism. His bravery stood for the underprivileged in America. He believed in equality for all men, therefore, he refused to be drafted in the US military during the Vietnam war. He was banned from boxing and stripped of titles for 3 years. To make matters worse, the champ was facing jail time. This was a means of control, but Ali knew that this fight is bigger than just him; it was for humanity. He stayed out of jail due to an appeal and was able to return to the sport he cherished. The name Muhammad Ali means “beloved of God” and his life was modeled by this phrase.

Aside from being a highly skilled boxer, Muhammad Ali was praised for his wittiness and charm as well. Audiences all around the world were entertained by his gift of gab. His poetic nursery rhymes and predictions tormented his opponents, which was again part of his mental combat game plan.

Muhammad Ali also invented techniques, and the most famous associated with the legend is the “Rope-a-dope” which he first used in the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against world heavyweight champion George Foreman. Not only did the Rope-a-Dope become Muhammad Ali’s signature move, but it also became an inspiration for other fighters as well.

The passing away of Muhammad Ali was a tragic loss, and everyone in their own way gave a tribute to the icon. For Kenny Kenglomerate, his love for the legend has taken the form of an art piece, “I’m So Ropa Dope,” which is a play on Ali’s famous showboating boxing move.

In hip-hop culture, the word dope is used to describe something great. Keeping that in mind, Kenny Kenglomerate chose to use it in the title. Kenglomerate’s art piece shows Muhammad Ali‘s face with imprinted honeycomb shapes. A butterfly and bee are facing off in front of the boxing gloves that he wore, defeating Sonny Liston. These gloves were so special it sold for 836,000 dollars. In addition, Muhammad Ali, the G.O.A.T., is drawn throwing a jab displaying his lightning speed. This was the final touch to make it an undisputed masterpiece.

Kenny admires many of his characteristics, including confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Kenny recalls his school days saying, “I recall teachers in grade school, switching my desk multiple times because I would engage in conversations with those around me, and become the center of attraction. My report card grades were always top-notch; but teachers always wrote in the additional comment section a similar message: Kenny’s popularity and talking is distracting some of his peers from grasping the lesson. Although I could not control this habit, it became an attribute in my life.”

Kenny Kenglomerate takes pride in being someone who never allowed anyone to silence him, just like Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali was Kenny Kenglomerate’s childhood role model. The New Yorker was born in Brooklyn on July 21, 1972. The son of Euless and Myrtle grew up carrying the love of art in his heart. From singing, dancing, to designing, he loved art in every form.

His love wasn’t limited to appreciation; he was also amazing at expressing it as he was exceptionally creative. Kenny always had a different perspective about the world, and he dreamed of ways to manifest his ideas and make the world understand how he views it.

His first step was singing and rapping, a way of expressing himself. Even though he had found a direction, he couldn’t stop himself from exploring and finding the perfect way of capturing the greatest moments of life. Eventually, Kenny realized that there was not just one, but multiple ways of conveying one’s thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world. But he remained restless, unable to find the right way of capturing life’s beauty.

Kenny took the next leap and landed in the world of graphic design. By then, Kenny knew that he wanted to pursue art in every form, and he used this opportunity to fulfill his passion.  As soon as he started creating timeless designs, he recognized that the uneasy feeling in his mind had finally been put to rest. Knowing what to do next, Kenny made up his mind to craft new pieces and expanded his portfolio to include visual arts masterpieces. He took up the name “Kenny Kenglomerate” and started by getting a tattoo on the back of his left hand. The tattoo reads, “Create.” All his art pieces are proof that Kenny is absolutely gifted.

Besides being a visual artist, Kenny Kenglomerate is also a professional Hip Hop dancer. He is a member of the R&B group- T.C.F. Crew, a visual artist, as well as a clothing designer. He is also the founder of Fiya Apparel. Kenny’s drive to keep moving forward is something that he learned from Muhammad Ali as well, and he is proud to draw inspiration from a legend.

“Throughout life, we must continue to bob and weave to be great. Put in our footwork like dancers, make connections, and knock out our goals on the canvas like artists.”

~Kenny Kenglomerate

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