How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard?

With the frenzy about the sport of knife throwing in the USA, users are looking for an answer about how to make a throwing knife target cardboard. But in order to practice this sport, one needs to have the necessary components to perform it. To find the most detailed and comprehensive buying guide related to best throwing knives and review list check here.

Having a throwing knife target board is a must to hone your skill related to knife throwing. But the good news is you can create such target boards on your own by picking scrap items from your home too.

We will learn methods which are easy to learn and also easier on your pocket. Let’s check it out!

How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard Method 1:

If you feel lazy or looking for a temporary solution as you are a beginner then this method is for you. All you would need is a duct-tape and cardboard to start the journey of knife throwing. This method is best for indoor knife throwing.

Let’s Start!

Step# 1

Get a piece of a wood board and along with that, you would need boxes of Pizza (definitely after eating it). Now you need to open the Pizza box till it gets flat. Start taping it from the edges and from in between in order to make the front portion of the board secure.

Step# 2

To make your knife target sturdy and reliable you need to make 3 to 4 layers of cardboard so that the knife sticks to the target and penetrates easily. In case of wear and tear of the target, you can fix it again with the help of creating more layers by tapping it.

If you are thinking about where you can find cardboards then places where you could find it is a local store. The best time to get cardboards for free and in abundance is when the shipments of the stores arrive, that is when they won’t charge you a dime.

The second way is to just use Pizza boxes and make the knife throwing target. My honest opinion would be to go for this way only if the size of the target you have selected isn’t large but still for beginners it is an easy method and easy on the pocket too. 


The benefit of throwing knives indoors with this throwing knife target cardboard is that it will be secure in a manner that the knives will not bounce back from the target.

Some of the other benefits include that this target will be easily moveable which is great. They aren’t fixed at a place so you may place it as per the position you are comfortable with. 

How to Make a Throwing Knife Target Cardboard Method 2:

Step# 1

You would need certain materials to apply the second method which is as follows:

  • A pair of plywood strips
  • Cardboard.
  • Door hinge.
  • A few pieces of 2×4’s.

The tools required if you want to learn about how to make a throwing knife target cardboard would be pretty straightforward. A drill and a few screws would do the job.

Step# 2

Constructing the board is the most essential part of preparing a target board. You need to get a pair of compressed cardboard. The reason why we are choosing is that it is pretty soft yet sturdy and penetrating the knife in it would be easier.

The board we needed should be approximately 3 by 4 ft so stacking up about 3 such boards would do the job of the main target board. Now turn over the board and fit in two plywood planks with screws. One of the boards should be at the top and another one at the bottom to make it durable so that it can face the blows of your knife. The length of the board from the bottom till the top of the board should be 6 ft. 

Screw the hinge in the center of the 2×4 and the next step would be to screw the third plank on the opposite side of the hinge. A vertical target board would be the best and in order to make it happen, you need to make the third leg comparatively long in size than the other two. This is how you the 2nd method works of how to make a throwing knife target cardboard


The benefit of having this knife throwing cardboard is that it is multi-purpose. It can be used for archery, throwing knives, and darts. Kunai knives and small throwing knives all can be practiced on this durable target cardboard.

Final Verdict:

So, finally, whoever is looking to hone their skills through practicing knife learning how to make a throwing knife target cardboard will be a great choice to start outright.  Some other benefits include that when the target board gets chewed you don’t need to dispose of it off. You can restore it with cardboard and the only hassle you would face is to replace some of the screws.  

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