Therapies That Can Help With Autism

Autism has many symptoms, and there are certain therapies which can help people with autism. Even though the rate of success is greater if the therapy is started early, but it’s never too late to start the treatment.

According to the experts, you should start looking for therapies as soon as you suspect your child has autism. The main reason why you shook start the treatment yourself is that the conventional treatment can take a very long time.

Here are some of the best and proven Evidence Based Autism Treatment and therapies that you can start right from today.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is designed to help children in speaking and interacting with others in a better way. This therapy also includes non-verbal things like taking turns in a conversation, gestures and eye contact. Teachers can also teach autistic children about the usage of sign language and computers to express their feelings.

Speech therapy can really help autistic children in many ways when you’re looking to keep the child away from autism.

Teaching Social Skills

Teaching an autistic all the needed social skills in a class can also prove to be very useful. It also teaches them to interact with others in a better way, and form relations with them. This is an easy to learn skills, and jids can learn it by role playing or proper practice.

Although the classes of these skills are monitored by therapists, parents must also do their part to ensure better and fast results.

Horseback Riding Therapy

This type of therapy is also called hippotherapy by the doctors. The autistic child rides a horse under the guidance of a therapist. Riding is a physical activity because you need to adjust and stay balanced on the back of a horse.

Horseback riding can help children of ages up to 16 in improving their social and speaking skills. It also helps them avoid irritability and being hyperactive. This is how horseback riding can help your autistic kid get rid of some of the symptoms.

Occupational Therapy

These are basic everyday skills learning which can also help in the fast treatment of an autistic child. In these, basic things like buttoning a shirt, and holding a fork etc and taught.

This treatment might also include school and other types of treatments as well. It depends on the special needs of your child.


ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis is another one of the therapies that can be used to treat autism. In this therapy, rewards are used to invoke better behaviors in kids. Parents and teachers are taught to give their child proper feedback every once in a while.

Certain goals must be set in this treatment, and they are determined according to the specific needs of your child. Tasks can include school work, communication, personal care, social skills and so on. ABA is a therapy that has shown promising results in autistic children.

These were some therapies that can help children with autism.

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