The Comprehensive Solution to Getting around London

The Comprehensive Solution to Getting around London

You might have millions of plans to do in London. But I will not talk about what to do or what not to do here. I am going to share how you will roam around the city.

This article will be the definitive London travel guide for you.

Since London is a massive city, you will require a huge amount of time to get around the city. By the way, my tips will give you a solid way of moving here and there beginning from the airport.

Oyster Cards

If you are planning to visit London, you must think about the Oyster card. This card will help you when you get into any public transport. You can buy it from any underground station. You can use it on buses, tubes, overground trains, and any national railway services.

The card will cost £5 and there are two package options. You can buy an unlimited weekly pass with £40 or pay as you go package. If you are a student you can register a student oyster card.

London Public Transport Zones and Areas

To regulate the fare, London has divided its city into 9 different zones. Zone 1 in the circle and 9 in the outer circle. The more zones you will pass the more you will need to pay.

How Much It Will Cost For Using London Public Transport

Roaming around London is affordable and cost-effective. When you have kids with you, you will get an advantage. If your kids are under 10 and you are using an Oyster card, it is free on both the bus and the underground. The fare differs on the type of transportation. The bus will take £1.5 and the tube will take £2.40 with your oyster card.

Underground Vs Above Ground

If I talk about the fare, the prices are the same for both the underground (tube) and overground. Generally the overground is a traditional one, on the other hand, the underground is like the metro style. Normally people use whichever is more convenient for them. They are pretty much the same.

Private Minicabs

Every day lots of businessmen come to London for business purposes. They have short amounts of time and are always on urgency. To solve this issue, Gatwick Cab Airport Transfer service is always waiting for you. You can book a cap with a reasonable fare. The drivers are well trained and professional. They are always on duty to and from Gatwick airport.

After landing at Gatwick airport, you are just a call away from the drivers. Within a very short time, they become hugely popular among travelers. They even become a topic on London airport transfer news.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it depends on you what types of transportation you will choose. Mainly it depends on the urgency you have. If you are in a hurry and have to join in a business meeting after arriving immediately, I suggest on my London transportation guide that you should take Gatwick to and from airport service.

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