Tips for planning the perfect store opening

Starting a business is a large part of the American dream!  Whether you’re buying and opening a franchise of a larger company or building up to something from scratch: the opening sets the expectation for how your community will view your store.  No pressure, right?

If you’re finally ready to move on to the next phase of being a business owner, but you’re not sure how to throw a grand opening, here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Offer A Future-Use Coupon

Don’t open your store and set an expectation for underpriced items!  You’ve already poured so much money into this opening; you deserve to get to sell things at full price.  Instead of discounting it now, advertise that everyone customer there on your first day open will get a coupon to use at a later date.

This coupon means that you will get to make an upfront sale while having a way to entice your customers to come back and purchase again.  Make sure to be conservative with how much the coupon takes off.  Although only one percent of coupons ever gets used, you still have to make sure your company can afford the percentage that coupon takes off.

Entice Families

Offer live entertainment for families- parents are more likely to impulse buy than their single counterparts.  By hosting entertainment that kids would enjoy, their families are more likely to stop by the opening, and more likely to make a purchase.

You don’t have to have fireworks or feed half the neighborhood, but consider what your area would find entertaining.

Kids like to see characters they recognize, so consider looking into costumed characters for hire in your area, or some other performance the kids would enjoy.  A live performer may be able to get customers to stay longer, which means they’ll be more likely to spend money.

Make Your Vision Clear

If your company is a gym, offer online tutorials for free.  If it’s a restaurant and you want people to feel welcome, show people you care about the community by donating food to shelters when you can afford to.  Let potential customers see that you’re committed to the community and that you’re here to stay.  You can instate yourself as an instant classic, and make your new customers feel like you’ve been there all along.

Give back to the area you’re in by making gestures that you can afford to.  You don’t need to go broke trying to solve poverty or world hunger- show potential customers that you are also a part of the area, and want to make it the best for everyone there.

By making a great impact during your opening, you set up an excellent chance for success.  Your store can only be as good as you make it, so you must invest early to build up your reputation in the area.  Keep in mind that word of mouth can be everything, and it’s your job to make sure those words are all good.

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