This Bottle Opener Could Actually Save Your Life.

We all need some assurances of safety in our lives. Sadly, safety is guaranteed to no one. We don’t like to think about it, but a situation could arise where you must defend yourself. Perhaps you do not own or carry a weapon to help protect you, it’s understandable. Perhaps you travel often, putting you in non-permissive environments. These environments are not conducive to defense weapons, but there is a way to carry an unassuming, low profile form of highly effective protection on you. The Bottle Breaker is a everyday carry tools that have been passed easily at airports past TSA security.

Let’s face it, a low-ball estimate is that a crime in the United States occurs almost every 7 seconds. That number is astronomical and therefore it is prudent to be prepared in case something does happen. The Ryker Bottle Breaker could be your only chance to defend yourself by leveraging the power of the small but powerful tool against getting robbed, hurt, or worse. Using a gun or even a knife in a self-defense situation could be effective, but depending on how the situation plays out, you may still be found guilty especially in foreign countries and potentially spend time in prison. Due to the legal nature of those alternatives, you may not be able to have either of those on you to use anyhow, leaving you with few defense options. This bottle opener is a product here to assist in this regard.

The Ryker “Bottle Breaker” was designed to be shaped in the form of a keychain, the bottle breaker can be attached to your keys. This makes it easy to grasp in the case that you need to defend yourself, and it takes no time to grip your hand around it, with your index finger slotted through its aluminium handle.

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There is never a reason to not be protected from the dangers of the world. It is certainly full of those who have nefarious intentions. Don’t let yourself be unprotected and keep safe with the small by innovative, discreet and powerful, weapon and tool are known as the Bottle Breaker.

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