Rapper Jonni Apollo Released A New Song Called “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”

If you don’t like putting people into labels and boxes and are bored with stupid stereotypes, no doubt LA-based Latin-American rapper Jonni Apollo will soon become your new fave. The artist creating in the hip-hop genre is nothing like what you’ve known about the genre. His latest drop, “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles),” is released to claim Jonni owns his uniqueness. 

The track makes it evident for the listener that the artist has matured professionally. The lyrics have a depth unique to the rap genre and a powerful flow unique to Jonni Apollo’s. The artist manifests the new world that has to arise, his verses are spiritual and soul-fulfilling. “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)” is enlightening and eye-opening, it is not just a beautiful piece of art but one with abyssal depth and purpose. 

The sound of the track is utterly edgy and catchy at the same time. “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”  is filled with groovy beats guaranteed to hunt your mind and soul unapologetically.  Jonni’s not so typical of the genre rapping manner, and the voice makes the overall experience even more atmospheric and unusual. Still, nothing causes discomfort, and everything fits in its place perfectly. The track is a masterful embodiment of a blend of raw talent and dedicated professionalism. 

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