How To Use A Projector for Cookie Decorating

Besides ice cream and sandwiches, cookies are certainly every American’s most-loved treat. For several centuries, they have been an integral part of various celebrations in America. 

The importance of cookies cannot be overemphasized in American birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, well wishes, and farewell parties. An average American eats roughly 300 cookies per annum. Well, a cookie a day awakens the soul. Cookies supply you with the required energy and maintain your brain health.

Dressing up plain cookies with decoration to match any occasion ranging from easy to fancy is an important subject, but did you know that you can decorate your cookies with a projector? Yes, you can.

Projectors are not only for seeing movies. They come in handy when decorating cookies – even as a beginner, by just casting the image onto the cookie and tracing it. With a projector, decorating cookies is made easy that even mommies can also develop a business off cookie decorating and designing cookies for other individuals, companies, and others.

This article will explain the process of decorating cookies with pico projectors, the best type of pico projector, points to consider while getting a pico projector for decorating cookies.



In cookie decoration, size is one of the vital things to consider in a projector. As a Pastelero, opt-in for a compact and lightweight projector that you can move with at all times. 

The size of a portable pico projector is almost equivalent to that of a smartphone. And the thickness to that of a coke can. You can easily mount small and lightweight pico projectors on magic arms and tripods. Besides, the storage and maintenance of small-sized projectors are easy.


The majority of projectors in the market can display an image of up to 120 inches. But most cookie designers do not usually require more than 10 inches. You can also use them as a movie projector, so when viewing movies of that size – 120 inches, they can come in handy.


Some projectors are only suitable for dark rooms, while others are ideal for both dark and lit rooms. What differentiates these projectors is the brightness level provided by the lamp. 

The brighter, the best. Bright projectors allow you to see pictures and traces without difficulties. The brightness of projectors is measured in lumen. For cookie decoration, you do not require an extremely bright projector. 50 to 100 lumens will do. Provided that your projector is not so bright, use it in a dark or dull room to enhance the performance. 


Resolution is the extent of details present in an image. A higher resolution gives a higher image quality and vice versa. Since you will be projecting from a close range, you do not really need a high resolution. A resolution of at least 800 x 480 pixels should do the job. But, you can try out the 1080p pico projectors if you are working with a big budget. They give better image quality and are also suitable for seeing movies.


While obtaining your projector, also remember to put a magic arm into consideration. Magic arms help to hold the projector in place. They are built in such a way that you can easily clamp them onto the table. Besides, pico projectors have small screw holes that you can use to mount them on a magic arm.

A magic arm is very flexible and convenient to use. With it, you can hold your projector at any desired angle. You can also push it aside quickly after use.


Get a pico projector with a built-in battery. That gives you the freedom to carry it around without worrying about any attached cable. You can charge a pico projector – with a built-in battery, in advance, and take it outdoor. 

Before purchasing, ensure that the battery runtime is at least two hours. 


While getting a projector, put your desired input method – like HDMI, USB, SD card, and others, into consideration. For iPad users, you can use lightning to HDMI cable to mirror the iPad screen. Besides, you can also store designs on USB or SD cards or on a screen that you can mirror. 


  • Download the Phonto application from any of your desired application store (be it play store or apple app store). With Phonto, you can design and write your texts. Also, you can download cartoon characters and designs from google.
  • After drawing, you can then save your drawing on your USB or any other preferred input method. You can even mirror your iPad onto the projector screen.
  • Turn on the projector, then load the design onto it, resize it till it fits nicely, then start tracing and drawing away.



  • The Akaso Mini projector fits nicely into your hands, pocket, or even a small bag. With its weight of about 0.46lb, you can conveniently take it to meetings and other gatherings for outdoor activities.
  • It supports a high resolution of up to 1080p. That tells you of the excellence of its image quality and color separation. 
  • To corroborate the image quality, it has a brightness of 50 ANSI Lumens, which is just bright enough for any cookies decoration process.
  • The device features a rechargeable 4000mAh built-in battery that can operate for about 1.5 – 2 hours straight.
  • Lastly, it supports HDMI, USB, and SD cards as its input methods.

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A noteworthy con I observed was about the speakers. The volume is low. So if you want to see movies with it, you can always connect it to an external speaker. 

Irrespective of your level in Cookie decoration, a pico projector will always come in handy. With this portable and compact device, designing your cookies becomes very easy while giving you a professional result. 

As previously mentioned, various projectors present different features. The factors you should note are brightness, resolution, supported input methods, and so on. I hope you get the most pleasing result in your cookies decorating.

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