How to increase muscle mass through diet:

Sport and food go hand in hand. Nobody disputes that in order to achieve healthy goals for weight and physical tone; it is necessary to eat a varied and balanced diet as well as maintains regular physical activity.

And it’s not about beauty; it’s about health. Now, we do not all have the same nutritional needs or have the same body, so before embarking on a diet or signing up for the gym like crazy, it is essential to ask yourself: what am I after?

The answer is not that simple; much less the solution. For this reason, it is advisable to put yourself in expert hands when undertaking a process of change.

You may be overweight and fat, or you may be pounding yourself out of exercise and unable to gain muscle. In each case, both the physical routines and the diet are different.

Your natural tendency, your complexion, your basal metabolism also comes into play; only personalized advice can guide you correctly in your particular challenge.

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, you may find that your training improves your strength levels, but you do not achieve a noticeable increase in muscle then the best thing for you is testo max, it provides you with the complete strength and extreme muscle.

In this article, we are going to point out some keys to achieve increase that muscle mass with a diet specific. To increase muscle mass you need to train, but also energy, which we gain with the help of food.

It is vitally essential to carry out a personalized hypercaloric diet to maximize results, consuming more calories daily than what you expend throughout it.

1. Eat naturally

Avoid processed foods or foods full of artificial products. You will only be able to fill yourself with the so-called empty calories, which provide energy but no nutrients, which is what our body needs to function. Say goodbye to snacks, sugary soft drinks or industrial pastries, for example.

2. Don’t follow restrictive diets

With them, you only consume a variety of 5-6 foods. These approaches do not create an adherence in time, thus causing the famous ‘yo-yo’ effect.

3. Consume adequate daily amounts of carbohydrates

It will help if you concentrate them on pre and post-training. They will provide energy during the exercise, more excellent performance will be achieved and will help to recover the muscles after a workout, something vital to increase muscle mass. 

4. Don’t be afraid to consume carbohydrates at night

Be clear that you can achieve your goals as long as you have trained a while before.

5. Cycle carbohydrates

It is about drinking them alone and when doing physical exercise, and the rest of the days, the diet should be based on proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.

With them we will achieve that the body uses energy only when it needs it (in training), causing a reduction in the fat percentage.

6. Use protein isolate and creatine, as supplementation

Protein isolate is purer than concentrate. It can help you progress faster, but they are useless if you do not accompany them with activity and rest.

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