Home remedies to get you through the cold and flu

Home remedies to get you through the cold and flu

Winters are on the horizon, and the sentiment is mixed. People tied of the sweaty summers eagerly awaiting its arrival. Yet, there are many of us fretting winters solely because of the cold and flu.

Colds are very difficult to deal with; clogged nose causes difficulty breathing. It also brings bouts of fatigue and lethargy with itself. The choked sinuses also result in facial tenderness and the sinus headaches are simple awful.

Runny nose is bad enough as it is. The constant need to clean the nose, the running out of tissue paper, the sneezing at the most inopportune moment; all of these factors combined are capable of driving one insane.

While more serious cases of cold, like respiratory infection merit a visit to the top pulmonologist in Lahore, rest of the people can try home remedies. While they do not magically cure the cold, but they help battle through it better and provide relief from it.

Bring on the hot teas!

Teas are super soothing for the irritated throat. The steaming mug also helps to clear the clogged nose. However, natural teas also fortify the body to fight off the viruses and other pathogens weakening the body. Following are some good tea options for in cold.

Lemon Tea: Citrus fruits are laden with vitamin C, which is an important ingredient that helps body stave off virus or cold. Adding bit of fresh lemon juice to any tea, or making a soothing concoction of lemon, honey and water are some options available for incorporating lemon in the tea.

Echinacea Tea: Even though the benefits of echinacea have been greatly debated for cold, its immune boosting impact is supported by research as well. Better immunity means that the body is able to get back up in no time.

Moreover, it also has antiviral properties that enable warding off the pesky viral infections, better. Several herbal teas come with echinacea in combination with different exciting flavors.

Ginger Tea: A jack of all trades is ginger. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for managing colds and flu. It also has antibacterial properties that not only equip the body to fight the cold better but prevent future episodes as well.

Ginger helps to decrease congestion as well, which is godsend in the bouts of cold that rock the chest to the point of exhaustion. Furthermore, ginger also has antiviral properties and is an excellent antioxidant. Since its benefits are plenty, it should ideally be consumed everyday but especially during colds.

Percolating water with ginger or infusing with lemon and honey also make a good combination for a healing cuppa.

Drink Up!
The combination of dehydration and cold is a really bad one. Water helps to keep the respiratory tract and system moist. It also helps to clear away the phlegm and mucus that chokes the tract, making breathing hard

Hence, it is vital to drink sufficient water. You might be feeling very low due to the flu but keep track of your liquid intake. One way to check is by keeping an idea of your visits to the loo; lowered frequency of urination and concentrated urine are indicators of water deficiency.

Thus, drink up plenty of liquids; water, juices especially of citrus fruits, steamy tea, soup and fresh juicy fruits and vegetables are all beneficial.

Rest your body

During the episodes of cold and flu, a lot of your body’s energy goes into fighting off the infection. The immune system is hypervigilant and using much of the resources. In this condition, taxing the body further is a really bad thing.

Not only does it delay the recovery process but fatigues the body as well. Therefore, rest up. During winters, make sure to keep yourself warm too.

Steam is the way to go

Inhaling steam helps to clear the mucus, softening it so that body is able to pass it down and clear away the clogged tract. It also moisturizes the tracts as well. Either use the steamer as you huddle under close quarters or take a hot steamy shower.

Saltwater Gargles

This remedy is idea for cough and sore throat. Saltwater gargles are easy to do and provide an almost instant relief from the scratchy and painful throat.


According to experts, zinc is beneficial for reducing time for fighting cold and even helps to decrease the severity of the symptoms. Natural sources of zinc include meat, legumes, nuts, dairy and eggs are amongst the good sources of zinc.

However, you can also take supplements that contain zinc, if need be.


If all the remedies fall short, perhaps the virus is just too strong to stave off this way. Some people get flu shots, whereas others just require a round of antiviral drugs. However, please consult the top chest specialist in Islamabad rather than self-medicating.

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