Best Places to Buy Wedding Dresses Online

Getting married is a grand event that only happens once or twice in most people’s lives, and once that ship sails you want to make sure you’re on the boat wearing the wedding dress that most makes you feel like your most beautiful, genuine self! Many brides take shortcuts when it comes to planning with DIY projects and thrifted ideas, which we fully support. But when it comes to the wedding dress, no compromises should be made. Not only will that dress determine your comfort level on the big day, but it will be captured and remembered through every photograph and video for generations. The wedding dresses brides choose can make or break the way they view their wedding, and we want to make sure that you make the best possible choice for your wedding dress.

This is why we have compiled a list of our top recommendations where to buy wedding dresses online, where you can still remain in a comfortable budget but still go all out in making sure your dress is the perfect fit.

  1. ETSY

A platform with a little bit of everything, Etsy is the perfect place to shop handmade bespoke wedding gowns from small business owners who truly love each and every bride. You can purchase ready-to-wear gowns, sample sales, vintage pieces, or custom made wedding dresses. The color choice, aesthetic, cut and shape can be customized to perfectly reflect your personality. Whether you prefer a simple and modern design, elegant and extravagant ball gown, or boho flair, there is guaranteed to be a quality shop on Etsy with exactly what you need.


A brand that offers a rustic and original style with simple designs that are cost effective but still beautiful. This brand truly merges affordability and functionality with designs that are often found on Pinterest. A great place to start your wedding search if you’re not sure about the style or shape you’re looking for. Their most cost-effective dress costs only $200 and can range to the thousands. Definitely worth taking a peek!

  • ASOS

Many people often forget the versatility of ASOS and some of the off-beat options they offer! We’ve seen some youtube videos reviewing the wedding dresses and reviews have been mixed, but for the price it’s almost worth taking the risk! You may find something you truly love and save thousands. There are bridal options that range from $40 to $700! Just remember, you get what you pay for and we highly recommend checking reviews before committing to a wedding dress.

  • Amazon

Ever thought to check Amazon for your wedding dress? While this is one of our alternative options, we still think it’s a fun idea for anyone who hasn’t browsed their selection of gowns. Sellers based around the world offer dresses of varying quality, so we don’t recommend purchasing blindly. Check reviews, remember that if the price is too good to be true it probably is, and shop responsibly. You just might find your perfect gown and be an “Amazon” bride!

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