5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Ignore Outdoor Signage

Conventional marketing techniques, including outdoor signage, seem to have taken a backseat since the introduction of digital marketing. Many businesses don’t take them seriously anymore, with the focus now shifting to internet users.

There is no disputing the fact that web-and app-based marketing is superior, but outdoor signage is just as important if you run a brick and mortar business. Here are five good reasons to invest in outdoor signage:

1.    It helps you claim the location

Imagine running a small restaurant sandwiched between large unrelated businesses such as banks and insurance companies. People will most likely identify this location as a banking plaza, rather than a locale with a small, intimate café.

Conspicuous signs matching those of bigger adjacent businesses can help bring your pretty little restaurant with free Wi-Fi and friendly staff to the attention of passersby, and even customers of the neighboring businesses. All you need to do is ensure your signage is designed and installed by seasoned professionals such as McNamara Signs. Amateur installations can be more damaging than beneficial, so hiring a greenhorn or doing it yourself is really not worth the risk.

2.    It captures attention

The whole world may be going digital, but as long as physical transactions remain, outdoor signage will always be viable. Many people casually walk down the street hoping to spot a shoe shop or a restaurant, and these are opportunities that can easily be missed without proper outdoor signs.

Don’t underestimate the power of familiarity; as people pass by your business each day, they grow fond of your signage, and you will likely pop up in their minds the day they need your services.

3.    It keeps competitors at bay

Exploiting a market gap can quickly backfire if it opens the door for direct rivals to join the space. Upon setting up a small business in a strategic location, the next step should be to ensure you’re identified as the largest and oldest establishment of your kind in that area. All you need is proper signage, showing exactly what you do and portraying yourself as established and reliable.

4.    Outdoor signage reflects quality

We have all been attracted to a business because of the quality of its billboard or commercial on television. Outdoor signs work in a similar fashion. People will associate a low-quality sign hung outside your main entrance with poor quality services, and vice versa. Having signage is one thing, but ensuring it is a reflection of your quality of services is another.

5.    It will get people talking

75% of respondents in a FedEx survey agreed to mentioning businesses in their conversations because of their outdoor signs. Having a clear and engaging sign may be the clearest route into those little lunch-time and workplace talks.


Outdoor signage could be that missing piece to your well-thought-out marketing jigsaw. If you have no idea where to start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a signage expert. You can also do with a little independent online research on your own.

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