5 Key Factors About Choosing The Best Mattress for A Comfortable Sleep

Top Tips To A Good Night’s Sleep

While Fitbit trackers do help track your sleep patterns, they only provide just that, visualized sleep data. You can, however, use the data provided to work on ways to improve your sleep patterns. This is particularly recommended for those with sleep problems, especially if you struggle to fall and stay asleep. Making a few adjustments to your lifestyle can also help improve your sleep quality. Here are a few tips how.

1.         Darken the bedroom: Creating a favorable environment in the bedroom makes it easier to doze off and sleep soundly at night. The bedroom thus needs to be as dark as possible with no light-emitting devices distracting you. That said, you might want to turn off all lights, electronic devices, and even draw curtains over the windows.

2.         Avoid blue-light emitting devices: Most electronic devices today, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, and even computer screens, emit blue light.  This light is notorious for inhibiting the production of sleep hormones, leading to sleeplessness. Unplugging from such devices several hours to bedtime can, however, help you sleep better.

3.         Choose a good time for bed:  You want to have a specific time when you go to bed and wake up.  You, however, need to pick a time when sleep starts catching up with you. You also need to allocate at least 7 hours of sleep every day. That said, allow enough time to slide to sleep without watching the clock or tossing and turning for hours.  You are better off going to bed at ten and dozing off immediately than going at nine and tossing and turning for an hour or more. Make it easier to fall asleep quickly with a good supportive mattress, read these Tuft and Needle mattress reviews.

4.         Create a sleep schedule:  As mentioned earlier, having a sleep schedule will help train the body to enter a relaxation mode whenever bedtime approaches.  Doing so prepares the body to maintain its circadian rhythm improving your chances of sleeping well at night. Be sure to get out of bed the same time each day (including weekends and holidays) to avoid disrupting the circadian cycle. Most Fitbit devices have an alarm that can help wake you up in the morning, as well as alert you when bedtime approaches.

5.         Keep your bedroom cooler: Lower room temperatures (5° lower) are known to promote sleep compared to higher temperatures.  Lower but comfortable temperatures do also help the body get into REM, promoting deep sleep.

6.         Lower your alcohol and caffeine intake.  We all love and enjoy our morning cup of coffee or tea.  While coffee/tea helps keep us alert through the morning, caffeine lingers on in the system for much longer and could be the reason you are having trouble falling asleep. Caffeine and alcohol are both stimulants that increase blood, something you wouldn’t want towards bedtime. Therefore, it would be advisable to cut down on your caffeine/alcohol intake or limit it to morning hours alone. Avoiding it altogether will, however, play a significant role in improving your ability to fall asleep. 

7.         Stay active: Regular body exercise is essential for good health and sleep. Exercise helps improve blood circulation while boosting its ability to produce sleep hormones.  You thus might want to lead an active lifestyle and take on simple exercises (yoga, jogging, swimming, etc.) for even better results.

8.         Manage Stress: Stress is one of the leading reasons for sleeplessness and insomnia in many people today. Nonetheless, learning to manage stress and staying positive can however improve your sleep patterns and quality. Taking on exercises known to calm the brain down, such as yoga, a walk in the park, and even dancing, can make stress more manageable, hence better-quality sleep.

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