The Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

The Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

Something that has become more and more popular over the last few decades is making a very expensive music video. You would think it something rather unnecessary because the music it the most important part. Mostly thanks to Michael Jackson for making expensive music videos popular with his release of the Thriller video which cost $1 million to make back in 1983. Since then several artists have attempted to make their own expensive music videos. Let’s take a look at the most expensive ones of all time.

1. Scream – Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

Scream is a single from Michael Jackson’s ninth album sang as a duet with Michael and his sister Janet. Scream is still the most expensive music video ever made to this day and it holds a Guinness World Record for exactly that. The video was released in 1995 and back then it cost $7 million to make. Considering inflation, it would be around $12 if we want to compare it to the modern-day economy. Scream has had the top spot for a long time and it doesn’t look like it will be replaced anytime soon.

2. Die Another Day – Madonna

Madonna is the other big name when it comes to expensive music videos. Her most expensive one is Die Another Day which is also the theme song for the James Bond film with the same name starring Pierce Brosnan. Both the film and the music video were released in 2002. The video had a production cost of $6.1 million giving it a respectable second place.

3. Express Yourself – Madonna / Bedtime Story – Madonna

Madonna also has two other music videos, Express Yourself and Bedtime Story, which totalled at $5 million each. These two had the same production cost giving then a tie in third place. Although Express Yourself was made 6 years before Bedtime Story so it was probably more expensive relative to the time. You could say that Madonna is not only the Queen of Pop but also the queen of expensive music videos.

5. Estranged – Guns N’ Roses

The most expensive music video by a hard rock band goes to Guns N’ Roses for their video of Estranged. Total production cost was $5 million and it was created back in 1993. With inflation, the production cost is valued near $9 million.

6. Make Me Like You – Gwen Stefani / Black or White – Michael Jackson

Tied at sixth place is another Michael Jackson video from 1991, as well as Gwen Stefani with Make Me Like You. The latter being one of the most recent expensive music videos, it was made in 2016. Both these videos cost $4 million.

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