Importance of technology in our lives

In many aspects, emerging technology is changing our lives, innovating how people learn, play, and live. TV screens were the peak of innovation in several American families in the early 1990s. In 1989, a tiny 15 percent of homes had a desktop computer. Census Bureau said that the number had risen to 75 percent in 2011. The latest offices, because of the abundance of video calls, emails, tablets, and computers, will be barely recognizable to the staff of the past. Today, almost every person knows how to use the latest technology because of the technology news and other mediums, and it is performing an essential role in our lives, such as:

In communicating:

Technology helps us a lot in communicating with other people no matter which part of the world they live in. In the past times, people send letters which take almost weeks to deliver but with the help of technology we can send our message in seconds in any part of the world. With video calls, we not only talk with the other person, but we can also see him/her, which is impossible without technology. Technology like the internet and mobile phones connect the whole world together, and you can access any individual present in any corner of the world. You can study more about it Calvin Caller News as well.

In study:

Today, technology is helping so many students in their studies as well. Students don’t need to ask their teachers repeatedly; they can search for solutions f every problem on the internet. They can also attend online lectures present o the YouTube and other platforms anytime and anywhere they want. Technology also helps a student in searching for data for his/her project. So, students don’t need to search big books for finding any topic and don’t need anyone to explain it; they can search and learn everything on the internet, which is only possible due to technology like smartphones, laptops, internet, etc.


Technology also helps a lot in the field of medical. There are so many devices such as BP operators, surgery machines, ultrasound machines, and many others, which help a lot in today’s life. These machinery and devices are extremely expensive, but they can also provide a massive help in the field of medicine. From testing a patient’s disease to treating it, technology is playing an essential role. In past times, when there was no technology, death rates were high, but today the death rates are low because technology helps us a lot in detecting and treating disease.

Increase productivity:

There are so many machines and robots that are working in big industries and increasing the rate of their productivity. The productivity rate in the industry where only humans work is low as compared to the productivity rate where the robots and machines work because of technology work faster than humans. Also, humans get tired and need rest, but machines don’t need rest. A human can also make mistakes, but in the case of machines, the chances of mistakes are nearly equal to zero. That’s how technology also helps in increasing productivity.


In our life, technology is essential because it helps us in communicating with our loved ones from any corner of the world technology is also helping students a lot in their study. In the field of medical, technology is playing an essential role, and technology is also responsible for increasing productivity in industries. 

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