20 Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

The goal of an avid Instagram user is to know how to get more likes on Instagram. Of course, your primary purpose of setting up this account is to get everyone’s attention or become an influencer. It would help if you had more likes because they boost your post, and at some point when your post has tons of likes, it starts featuring on Instagram.

Getting featured on Instagram is a big thing because it lets you gain more followers, which brings more traffic to your website, and finally, you will get what you always wanted – a lot of orders or becoming famous in the digital marketing world.

No matter why you want to know how to get a lot of likes on Instagram, I will share 20 ways to achieve this goal. Let’s get started.

1.Share only HD Photos

A new Insta user always asks this common question, “How Do I get more likes on my Instagram pictures? “On Instagram, there is no room for low-quality photos. If you are serious about getting likes on your images, you should consider changing your pieces of equipment.

Buy a digital camera or change your smartphone so that you come up with only high-quality images.

Want to try an advanced approach? Go and take photography classes. The more you learn the art of photography, the more your likes will be.

Don’t want to take that route? It’s ok. Just read some photography lessons, get to know basic photography techniques, and this is how you will be able to create a professional eye for the camera.

2.Always Use Right Hashtags

An Insta user should never underestimate the power of the right hashtag as through it, and you can get both likes and followers on your post. If you are wondering how to get likes on Instagram with hashtags, then it’s quite simple. You need to make the most of some hashtag tools.

Tons of free tools are out there available for amateurs, use them. Whenever you have a picture or video to share, search for relevant hashtags, and add more than ten right hashtags in one post.

Your post with relevant and popular hashtags will always outperform a post without them. Go and test this method now.

3.Try to Know your Audience

Once you have your Instagram account up and running, then pay a few dollars and give a try at Instagram ads. This marketing will let you get more followers and likes. But the essential purpose is to access every bit of information about your target audience.

The more you know about your followers and their likes/dislikes, the better posts you will create, and this is the simple answer to the question: how do I get more likes on my Instagram pictures.

You can perform the A/B test if you don’t want to pay for ads. In this test, first post a food picture, check its engagement, and then post a fashion picture. If people like food images more than fashion, you know what kind of picture will generate more likes next time.

4. Get Inspired and Tag Successful People

If you follow an Instagram influencer, let’s say, KIM Kardashian, then one way to get more likes is to follow her hairstyle and then tag her. A lot of other people are using the same trick. They get inspired by others and then remake their looks to get attention from the same kind of followers.

Next time someone asks you how to get a lots of likes on Instagram, you can share the same formula as it works for almost every other person.

5. Tag Brand Whenever Possible

Every top brand has a decent amount of following on Instagram, try to make the most of it. How? Simple, buy a product from a brand and share genuine reviews about it, and yes- never forget to tag the brand to create an Instagram post that will get a lot of likes.

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6. Be Descriptive in Your Captions

Try to write better and exciting captions. As far as the word count of the caption is concerned, you can be random. Sometimes, use a few but compelling words. Other times try to engage your followers with a long story.

7. Consistency is a Key to Success on Instagram

Save this statement in your RAM (Random Access Memory) and then follow it every other day.  You can’t have an on and off relationship with Instagram because it will make you lose all the attention or whatever efforts you made in the past for getting engagement will go all in vain. No one deserves that. So, one post a day on Instagram will let you get more likes on posts.

8. Post when Your Followers are Online

Check your analytics and see at what time your followers are present and checking the post. It’s the time to post your content to get instant attention from most of your online followers. Posting at the right time will let you get all the attention you want.

9. Follow a Principle of “Give and Take”

This principle will help you flourish your Instagram accounts. If you want to get more likes, then first likes other people’s accounts. Not just that, you need to check their account, like their post, and leave some meaningful comments to get noticed. The more you give to others, the more you will get back, simple is that.

10. Try Cross-Promotions

You might have good followers on Twitter and Facebook. One way to get more likes on Instagram is to cross-promote. People from other platforms will come and likes your post, and it’s how you would have a great response.

11. Follow Influencers’ Posts

Many people wonder what to post on Instagram to get likes; if you think about the same thing, I ask you to look around. This platform is full of other accounts. Find some similar accounts or influencer accounts. Explore their accounts to know what kinds of posts will generate more likes. Please make a list of posts and ideas and then copy them smartly.

12. Create Likeable Posts

Get inspiration from posts that get more likes on Instagram. For example, if a mother-daughter look is creating a buzz on a social platform, you can create a similar post and get more likes.

13. Add Some Value in Your Post

Sit in a peaceful environment and think about what value you can add in your post for others. If your followers are suffering in some ways like skin problems or issues, then talk about these issues and provide them with solutions.

Try to be relatable. One good thing to post on Instagram to get like is sharing viewpoints about current affairs and events. Lots of people are following those affairs and events, so they will like to know what you are thinking and then share their viewpoints on your post or at least they will appreciate your post.

14.Host a Takeover

Invite an influencer on your account and let him talk about some exciting things. This way, you will get likes not only from your followers but also from influencer’s followers. Indeed, a great strategy to try for.

15.Team up with Brands

Brands are looking for active Instagram users. You can team up with brands and talk about their products. You can offer discount vouchers or gifts to get instant attention. Best of all, run a monthly contest that would boost your account engagement and let your account grow more in less time.

16. Go and Try Promotion

People who run personal accounts think that Promotion won’t do any good for them. The fact is that it can unlock tremendous potential for you. Make sure to create an informative or exciting post and then put it on Promotion. You will get more likes on your pictures and post without making any efforts.

17. Try Instagram Reels

Create an entertaining clip of 15-seconds and upload it. This new feature of Instagram is making a significant buzz worldwide and taking over the internet like a storm after Tiktok. So, you should give a try as well.

18. Go Live

Do you have something unique to share? If yes, then turn on LIVE mode and share your experience with others. Make sure to talk about familiar topics to get a more relatable audience.

19. Post Quotes

People often ask how many likes should you get on Instagram; the answer is as many as you can. Therefore you should try all the features of Instagram and all different kinds of posts. One of the good things to post on Insta for getting more likes is Quotes.

20. Ask Questions

People like to share their opinions. Post an exciting picture and add a question in the caption. People will appreciate your post and also open up. And this is what you need to get more engagements on your post.


I have shared 20 ways to get more likes on Instagram. Each method is super effective when you use it properly. Do you have some other formulas? Feel free to share it with us.

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