12 Proven Tips for Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Are you reluctant to try your hands on winning sweepstakes? Well, many people merely avoid entering the sweepstakes because they ponder they never really win. However, this is not true if you adopt some proven tips and appropriate workflow. After all, sweepstakes have long odds and it is inappropriate to assume that you can be never fortunate. The fascinating aspect to note that luck is merely the smallest facet of winning incredible prizes provided you follow the proven tips. Go through the below section that discusses the proven tips to facilitate flying colors in sweepstakes:

1. Pick Legitimate Sweepstakes:

There are myriad of free sweepstakes available in the market which may perplex you at the first glance. Choosing a legitimate platform is perhaps the first step towards enhancing your odds of winning. The companies frequently use them as a tactic to spread awareness about their brands. Nevertheless, searching them out separately can seem a prolonged process. Also, it is occasionally tricky to judge which sweepstakes are reliable. 

In order to make your search easier, you can bookmark certain renowned sweepstakes websites. Make sure to check them regularly to stay updated.

Here are some of the most famous sites for legitimate sweepstakes:

  • Sweepstakes Advantage
  • Sweepstakes Fanatics
  • SweepstakesBible
  • Contest Girl
  • SweepstakesLovers 
  • Sweeties’ Sweepstakes
  • Winprizesonline
  • Juliesfreebies

2. Understand the rules thoroughly:

When you are vague about the contest rules, the odds of getting failure are high. Many people prefer to skip reading the rules and they end up with failure. There are 20% of sweepstake participants who get barred because they do not match the mentioned criteria. You can be among the rest of the 80% sweepstake participants with high odds for winning if you thoroughly read the rules.

When you go through the fine print of a sweepstake, it is easy to discern how many entries are permitted. Several sweepstakes entertain multiple entries; however, people are not using all of them since they are unaware. Some sweepstakes may ask you to include a photo along with your entry. Moreover, some sweepstakes only entertain participants from certain areas. Hence, getting enough understanding of the contest rules will help you reach faster towards the win.

3. Prepare a dedicated email:

For entering sweepstakes, you need to mention an email with your entry.  This is how they usually contact if you win. Using your main email address for signing up for sweeps is not a feasible idea. This is because your mail email address can be flooded with promotional and spam emails. Furthermore, in your regular inbox, you may miss important sweeps detail or emails regarding prizes. Hence, create a dedicated email and mention it during the signup process.

4. Attempt to enter several different sweepstakes:

The trick to winning sweepstakes relies on how many different sweepstakes you enter. You can use your sweepstakes directories as well as newsletters to explore various contents for which you can be eligible to enter. Obviously, your odds of winning in each one are low, entering a broad range of sweeps make it easier to steal the prizes. It is good to enter ending soon sweepstakes first so, you won’t miss them. Click here to see ending soon sweepstakes.

5. Devote a time to enter the sweepstakes:

One of the outstanding tips to win sweepstakes is to dedicate time aside your routine to enter various sweepstakes. The best idea is to allow 15 minutes to 30 minutes daily to work on this. You can do this when lounging in the evening with a sip of coffee or during lunch breaks, or any free time that suits you. Make sure you try to enter regularly which effectively enhances the odds for winning.

6. Send maximum possible entries to each sweepstake:

Certain sweepstakes only permit you to enter once, whereas others allow you to submit a new entry on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Make sure to go through the rules to know how frequently you are entertained to enter. Also, make sure to visit the sweeps page to enter as frequently as possible. Focusing on the rules of sweepstakes makes it simpler to send entries as much as you can.

7. Insist for sweepstakes with manifold prizes when possible:

Not all sweepstakes are identical when it comes to offering prizes. Certain sweepstakes just have a single grand prize, whereas others would have bonus prizes for runners-up. In case a contest has several winners, your odds of getting chosen for one of those prizes would be doubled, tripled, or more. It is a wrong idea to get disappointed with not obtaining the first prize. This is because the second or third place prize can be almost equally precious as the grand prize.

8. Fill out entries faster with an autocomplete app:

As discussed above, one of the most effective tips is to fill out as many entries as possible. When attempting to make this happen, the process may feel tedious. You will need to enter your basic details like name, email address, and residential address frequently. However, with the use of an autocomplete app, this process can be easier and quicker.  Such apps facilitate quick filling of the entries to save you time. For example, you can use the app like Roboform to quickly fill out your entries.  Make sure to glance at the filled form once before submitting, to avoid issues later on.

9. Attempt to enter sweeps with limited entry periods: 

Those sweepstakes with shorter entry periods suggest that other people would not have much time to enter. Consequently, your odds of winning are escalated. This is more perceptible when you come back and enter every day in that timeframe. 

10. Look for alternatives to online sweepstakes:

The online sweeps are usually competitive and it is difficult to win. On the other hand, you can try out some alternatives to online sweepstakes like mail-in, text-based, or call-in contests. Such contests usually get fewer entries compared to online sweeps, resulting in more odds of winning.

11. Beware of scams:

In the lure of winning, you may be trapped in illegitimate sweepstakes that ask your bank information and other scams. Also, avoid those sweepstakes that ask your credit card number or other personal detail. Thoroughly read the fine print before mentioning your phone number into a sweepstake. This is because you may agree to receive promotional phone calls without confirming the reliability.

12. Positive Attitude: 

Finally, the most effective tip for winning is to bear a positive attitude and patience. Developing a positive attitude to entering sweepstakes will make you perseverant through this difficult time. The positive attitude lets you trust your efforts and have excitement for winning the sweepstakes.


With dedication and focusing on these proven tips help you to win sweepstakes. All these tips are easy to follow and significantly enhance the odds of winning.

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