Da Real Nino Rides the Charts with Hit Single, “Turn Up” and Navigates the Music Business with Creativity and Business Smarts

Wanna know what “grabbing ahold of the brass ring” looks like? Look no further that the rocket ride of Rap music artist Da Real Nino who, with the release of his latest single Turn Up, has served notice that he is a musician with real talent and longevity in an ever-fickle business.

 Born Tre’Von Taylor in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 14, 1998, Da Real Nino quickly latched onto music, spurred on in part by his parents who themselves have long been in the music industry. The family made a move to Mobile, Alabama where Tre’Von’s love of rap music really took off. After graduating from high school, this musical philosopher spread his wings wide, eschewing a career in the NFL for his first true love, the art of the beat. Like the proverbial scientist at work in his laboratory, Da Real Nino spent all of his time writing and recording songs in the studio, perfecting his alchemy to a true art. The end result is the aforementioned Turn Up along with an LP set to drop in 2021. The sky is the limit for this talent and Vents looks forward to many years of Da Real Nino and his indelible and unmistakable music. The legendary brass ring never looked brighter than in this artist’s hands!

Vents: A hearty Vents welcome to Da Real Nino! Before we get started Tre, how have you and yours been doing during these crazy times?

Da Real Nino: We’ve been working really nonstop trying to stay ahead. 

Vents: Major congratulations on the August release of your newest single, Turn Up. What can you tell Vents readers about this hot new track which is tearing through the various charts? What does this song mean to you?

DRN: Appreciate that most definitely; it debuted 15th on the DRT Airplay charts weeks before it actually dropped. It’s big ‘cause it’s my first single I’ve dropped and for it to be moving this fast is crazy.

Vents: For the unfortunate few who are not yet in the know, how would you describe your music to them?

DRN: You never know what you’ll get from me. I make music based on what I go through in real life so it’s all about how I’m feeling.

Vents: You recently shot the music video for Turn Up. What was that experience like for you?

DRN: It went up plenty racks: Plenty of vibes, bottles all that good stuff. It was a party really.

Vents: Prior to Turn Up you hit the ground running with a slew of incisive and energetic tunes; it’s been a real rocket ride in a short span of time for you. How do you stay sane and focused when you’re now being rightly celebrated for your work?

DRN: Just keep making music and think about the accolades and all that when I’m done.

Vents: We both have roots in Alabama (I used to live in Billingsley, AL); Culturally – and knowing that you originally came from Indiana – how has Alabama informed and influenced your sound and style?

DRN: I moved to Mobile, Alabama in 2012 from Indianapolis and it was a real culture shock. When it comes to my music it mostly comes in my beat selection, coming from the Midwest it’s a more up-tempo sound but with the south it’s more 808s and more club vibes.

Vents: What led you to want to become a musician? Is there a Secret Origin story you could share with us?

DRN: I’ve always loved music but I never really thought about being a rapper or anything like that. But ever since like middle school I just used to freestyle with my people and since they were telling me to rap. I just got older and realized I’m hard and started taking it seriously.

Vents: Who did you cut your teeth listening to when you were growing up? Are there any specific musicians that you count as influential to you and your career?

DRN: Lil Wayne growing up fasho; best to ever do it.

Vents: How did you conceive of your professional name, Da Real Nino? 

DRN: I’m known as Nino already and I feel like I tell my real stories and experiences, so when you listen to me you hear who I really am.

Vents: What would be your advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in music?

DRN: Stay true to yourself and don’t give up. Learn the business side of the game, it’s dirty and you’ll get taken advantage of by being green. And network: you can’t grow as an artist if nobody sees you or knows who you are.

Vents: Is there a particular artist that you would like to collaborate with one day?

DRN: Future.

Vents: Can you give Vents readers any hints as to when we can expect a debut LP from you?

DRN: First quarter 2021, fasho.

Vents: The world has been turned upside down in 2020 with a global pandemic. Personally, how has this affected you? What about professionally?

DRN: Personally it was weird at first just not knowing what was going on really. It’s been a lot of zoom meetings with DJ’s Coalitions.  Building my social media up has been one of the biggest focuses. I shot my first video which is dropping soon.  I’ve recorded music almost every day since the pandemic.

Vents: As an artist, which comes first for you – the lyrics or the music?

DRN: It really depends. I might hear a beat and go from there or I might just feel something and write and find the beat later. 

Vents: Final (Silly) Question: On a lazy Sunday who do you listen to on your record player?

DRN: Probably Youngboy or MoneyMan. 

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