What Is the Best Way to Consume Marijuana? 5 Great Methods

The numerous benefits of marijuana continue to wow doctors and scientists. They’re also encouraging more people to light up, rub on, or bite down.  

If you’re interested in trying nature’s green leaf, let’s talk about the best way to consume marijuana.

Consuming marijuana may help with certain health conditions. People suffering from anxiety and chronic pain testify of its benefits after consumption. Research suggests marijuana helps people with cancer-related weight loss issues as well. 

This wonder plant has its uses in helping to ease stress and digestive disorders.

Are you trying to figure out the best way to consume marijuana? If yes, we have a list of methods you can check out here. 

1. The Best Way to Consume Marijuana Is by Smoking a Joint 

Smoking a joint is the old-fashioned way of consuming marijuana. A joint is a pre-measured amount of weed lined inside a rolling paper.

Traditional rolling paper comes from wood pulp. There are more natural options—rice, flax, and hemp paper. Once you roll your joint, you apply moisture to the edges to seal the joint.

At the point, simply light one end, puff, and enjoy. 

2. Roll a Blunt

Blunts are the next best thing to joints, except you get more weed and more flavor. You roll a blunt the same way you roll a joint. The major exception is that you use cigar paper instead of wood, rice, or flax paper.

Blunts are usually more powerful than joints, as they hold more marijuana. The choice strain of marijuana has more strength as well. If you want more of a punch, try the jungle cake strain.

It may give you the experience you’re looking for. 

3. Bongs

You read that right. Like they are bongs for beers, they are also weed bongs. They’re just shaped differently. 

Marijuana bongs allow you to fill the bottom with ice or water. This helps cool the hit. Pack as much weed in the bong bowl as you can. Light it and puff.

If you’re bonging for the first time, sit near a table. That way if you start coughing once you take the first hit, you can hurry and sit the bong down. 

4. Enjoy Some Edibles

Yes, you can eat marijuana. There are pot brownies, weed gummies, and what real stoners enjoy: space cakes. Space cake looks like normal chocolate cake, but it’s laced with THC cannabutter.

Cannabutter—marijuana butter—is cannabis-infused butter used in snacks like cookies, pizza dough, and other baked goods. 

If you prefer to taste rather than smoke, try some edibles like Koi THC gummies. 

5. Drink It

Like a cup of hot tea in the morning or evening? Well, another way to enjoy marijuana is by drinking it. If you have a Keurig, pop in a K-cup and enjoy.

If hot tea isn’t your thing, try some infused sodas, fruit juice, or coffees. 

Give Weed a Try 

The best way to consume marijuana is by whatever way feels comfortable to you. Try a joint or a sip of tea and enjoy the benefits of nature’s miracle plant.

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