Top 10 Money Earning Games in India

Everyone loves to play games online especially, because of their engaging premise and it is a good distraction from your hectic and stressful lifestyle. It might be true that these online games can be very addictive but at the same time, these games can teach you to be super focused at the same time and deal with excessive stress.

The added advantage of these online games is that you can also start earning while playing them. According to a study by dollarsprout in 2017, real money earning games have the record to help the highest earning gamer pocket $2,436,772.40. The report also claims that nearly 73% people ranging their ages from 4 to 20 own at least a gaming console. Console video games have become little outdated in today’s world where the PC gaming is flaking. Nowadays, all the game developers have been investing a lot of their time and money in search of a great gaming experience. 

Real Time Money While Playing Online Games

Risking your full time job to earn via gaming can be a very risky  and costly process. From buying a reliable gaming gear or business startups costs and switching to a full time gaming profession is like taking a lot of chance. Simply by playing real money earning games in their free time, people can earn a lot ranging from $500 to $1500 per month.

There are diverse genres of money making games like : satta matka, Arcade, Casino, survival games, battle royal etc.

Following are the top online games to earn money:


It is an eSports gaming platform that lets the football fanatics to play imaginary football with the minimum of 100 rupees. The game has 10000+ installations and is produced by FANTASY SPORTS INFO

Dream11 is flexible when it comes to select the players-forwards, defenders, midfielders, and a goalkeeper constituting a team. Choosing Captain and vice-captain wisely may increase your overall score. 

2. QuizWin App

Digital track is the company which sponsors QuickWin which has about 1000+ installations. It is an amazing contest where you will have to answer few simple questions and get to win the exciting prizes. The play store rating of the app is 4.2. 

 It is the new trivia game which provides simple quiz questions from the topics like current affairs, G.K,sports, culture, Bollywood etc. The game is a whole package of exciting prizes, knowledge and entertainment.


With a rating of 3.8 on playstore, Ace2Three offered by Head Infotech pvt has player base of more than 8 million people. Rummy card games designed under a world class user interface attracts players to test their luck for both fun and cash. Among many variations offered, 2 or 6 players tables and joker or no joker are the most popular ones. Depending upon the count and entry value the winner gets the chips from other players after one deal. Multiple deals are not permitted. Tournaments of Rummy are also hosted where players from multiple tables can participate and compete against each other. 


When it comes to the market of online Rummy games in India, Rummycircle has proved to be the largest player. A figure of more than 10 million people who trust Rummycircle for earning money in their idle time has been the biggest factor in its popularity. The largest prize pool of INR 4 crores is enough to get the picture of this app’s humongous digital footprint in India. Minimum bet that is applicable is of INR 25, apart from this the app is absolutely free to download. With a user base of 5 million people Rummycircle has been able to maintain a rating 4.5 on play store.

5. My11Circle

Upto 13 million people play this fantasy e-cricket game and it is rated at 3.9 on a scale of 5.0 on the play store. A player is provided with a pool of 25 to 30 players to select an 11 player team from. As the live match starts, the performances of the players in the team made by the user gets him/her points. Tech Makhni is the group behind this app and the minimum amount to play is as same as above game’s. The app essentially hosts 3 tournaments, namely, domestic, international and contest.

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