3 Injuries Physical Therapy Can Really Help

Did you know that physical therapy actually can date all the way back to 460 BC? That’s right, getting physical therapy for injuries looked a lot like just getting a massage way back then, but there was a method to the madness. 

Nowadays, physical therapy is a lot more specific and plays a larger role in your healthcare. 

Physical therapy can help treat a lot of different things, whether you’ve hurt your shoulder, back, legs, knees, or ankles. Physical therapy can really improve your quality of life, so here are three common injuries you can expect to get physical therapy for. 

1. Hip Pains

One of the best things physical therapy can help with is hip pain. There’s always a range of reasons one might have hip pain, so it’s pretty neat that physical therapy can help relieve you regardless. 

Whether you’ve worked out a little too hard or gotten in a car accident, physical therapists can help you overcome the pain that comes with such an injury. They train for years to know how your body works in order to provide you with active exercises that can help you recover in the safest and best way possible. 

2. Knee Pains

Next, there’s knee pain. Like hip pain, common injuries requiring physical therapy can occur from a whole potpourri of reasons. 

From being born with knock knees to overextending on the soccer field, your knees can get gnarly more easily than you may think. A physical therapist has spent a lot of time studying the way that the muscles in the knee work together in order to find the best solution for you. 

They may give you exercises to do on your own, and ask you to write down when and how you feel pain in doing tasks at home in order to track your recovery. 

3. Strokes

Finally, there are strokes. Injuries that need physical therapy aren’t limited to your external body parts. 

In fact, strokes are more often than not accompanied by some form of physical therapy. When someone has a stroke, they can forget how to perform simple motor skills and need some more walking through to help jog their memory. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the brain is in charge of everything that’s happening in the body. But it is, and when it gets sick or hurt, it can be tough to recover properly, especially with unexpected setbacks like forgetting how to walk upstairs. 

Physical Therapy for Injuries: Solved

And there you have it: three different common injuries that physical therapy can solve. Obviously, physical therapy for injuries stretches beyond these three categories, these are just some of the most common examples out there. 

So whether you’re trying to gain some bravery before your first physical therapy session or just gain some more insight on what physical therapists can expect on a day-to-day basis, you’ve gained some answered questions.

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