Comparison of assisted living homes vs home care

As you or your parents grow old, a difficult life decision stares you in the face. You have to decide whether you want to stay at home and receive care or shift to an assisted living home to look after your long-term care needs. However, the good thing is medical and technological progress is making these choices. Some can stay at home, while others can seek assisted living care based on their condition and circumstances. Still, being thoroughly aware of these two options can come in handy at the decision stage. So, let’s compare and understand them better.

Home Care

You don’t have to leave your home to receive daily care. Home care agencies in Bronx are there to help you in this matter.

Some people don’t want to go away from their homes because of the memories associated with them. Even loved ones also want them to stay with them. So, if you’re going to follow your routine and continue to sleep in your bed, you can opt for in-home care. You live in your home, and the professionals visit your place to assist you with daily care. The duration of their stay and types of services can vary based on your requirements. You can expect daily living assistance from them, including meal prep, emergency services, hygiene, medication, etc.

Make sure you look for licensed medical professionals if you need to take shots and physical therapy. They can be anybody from nurses, therapists, physicians, and so on. Otherwise, you can hire a non-medical paraprofessional, who can help you with bathing, laundry, cooking, transportation, and other tasks. These people can be health aides, personal care attendants, personal attendants and others. You can speak with a home care agency to figure this out.

Assisted Living Homes

The main goal of such homes is to help seniors live their life independently away from home. You go to the caregiver and get a private room in the seniors’ community. The unit can include a kitchen or just a bedroom and bathroom. It’s not like a nursing home, though; you receive round the clock personal assistance, which doesn’t necessarily involve constant supervision. From bathing to dressing to medication and meals, your caregivers take care of every need. You may have to avail of laundry, housekeeping, and such services for an extra cost.

Some of the other names for assisted living facilities are retirement home, adult care home, and residential care. Search for assisted living near you on the internet to learn more about these facilities.

Assisted Living Facilities VS Home Care

A lot of factors can influence your decision about the choice. Of them, the cost can be the critical one. The assisted living care services can be more affordable on average as they cover private rooms and essential services. Special services can cost more. However, in-home care costs can be a bit higher, especially if you go for full-time care. If you want to save money, you can opt for part-time services also. The overall charges will depend on where you live and your requirements in addition to veteran’s benefits and insurance. Also, the in-home care costs would be over and above your living expenses.

Another important thing can be safety. You want to live safe regardless of where you stay. Assisted living facilities offer comfortable housing, security, and full-day personal care assistance. Similarly, you can live safely at your home too. It is just that extra efforts will go into making proper arrangements. For instance, you can install an alert system for medical emergencies. Plus, GPS devices, wide doors, and other such features can also make your life easy.

Nearly 90% of the older population wants to stay in their home. They feel happy because they can do things the way they have been doing. Plus, it is their place. The familiar surroundings give them a sense of comfort, even when they are ill or recovering. The chances of anxieties and stress also reduce. You can be at ease in assisted living units also. But it can take some time to adjust as there will be new people, a different routine, etc. You can feel anxious about the new community life and miss your dear ones. Nevertheless, if you like to socialize, it can be the best thing to happen to you. Your monthly expenses can also be fewer when you live here.

In the end, you have to understand one thing that both home care and assisted living care services aim to provide a wonderful life to senior citizens. They want to help you live an independent life as much as possible. Hence, any of them can be the right choice. It is just that you need to determine what makes you happy and satisfied. Do you feel safe at home or assisted living center? Where can you have mental peace? Any place that feels safe, secure, and healthy can be the perfect haven for you or your aging parents.

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