Wondering How To Go Viral? Learning The Ins-and-Outs of Social Media with Nathan Johnson

Meet Nathan Johnson. As the brilliant Behind social media accounts such as @weekdayrehab, as well as theme pages ranging from 1-5 million followers, Johnson has shown the world how even the most unassuming social media channel can quickly go viral and spread in popularity overnight.

Through his online social media popularity and influence, Johnson has been able to draw in a seven figure revenue that allows him to enjoy anything he could possibly want. The most amazing part? This influencer is still in college!

So what does it take to truly go viral and take your social media account to the heights of online glory? There must be a wannabe influencer or two out there who are dying to know the secrets of the industry!

To learn more about his story, and to see if we could gain any insights into how this marketing genius’s mind works, we sat down with Johnson to learn more.

Hey Nathan! Thanks for being willing to sit down and chat with us today.

Of course! I love having the chance to chat about social media and the online influencer world.

So, before we dive in, can you tell us a little about your story, and what led you to where you are today?

I have to be honest – I don’t know if there is a moment of my life that I haven’t been around something digital. My generation was definitely the first true version of what tech gurus call “digital natives” – meaning were almost born with an iPhone in our hands.

I started my first account when I was 12 years old. I didn’t really know much about social media other than that it was fun and a distraction from school. So I started posting stuff on my account, and I was amazed when other users started responding and commenting on my posts!

What kind of account did you run? A personal one about your life, or was it about something else?

My favorite social media accounts are the ones that post funny pictures, videos, or memes that make you stop scrolling and laugh. I decided I wanted to bring that kind of fun with my own flavor, so my first account was a generic sports account where I would post stats, highlights and replays, and just anything that I thought was interesting or funny. Apparently a lot of other people thought so as well!

So what do you think led to your accounts becoming so popular so quickly?

To be honest, it’s hard to know why my pages blew up and became so popular. I mean, I never planned for it to get as big as it did! I think the magic was that I was focused on posting what I thought other people would enjoy, instead of just posting stuff that only I was interested in. There is a bit of social awareness involved – you have to know when what you are posting just isn’t that great, and be willing to adapt as you need to.

So here’s the million-dollar question: How do you start making money online?

Ha! Now that is the question I get the most from other people who want to quit their jobs and start making a living off of their social media. For me, it was being able to work hard and invest all of my time and money into my accounts. Remember, I was in college while I was building my pages, so I had a lot on my plate.

The money started to come in once my accounts became popular enough to start getting noticed by other influencers and companies looking to promote their products and services through influencers online.

Once my accounts started to grow to millions of followers, that was when I started to connect with other influencers and companies. Before I knew it, I was getting DM’s to promote products, and the rest is history!

I won’t tell you exactly how much I’m making, but I can say that it is in the seven figure revenue range. But here’s the thing – there’s no magic button or silver bullet to this. I worked my butt off and still got lucky here and there at just the right moment.

What is next for you with your business?

My next project is super exciting, and I can’t wait to announce it. I am in the final stages of building an online marketing and media company that will allow me to help other companies and influencers build their own digital success. The world of online marketing is so much more than just having a popular account – you really have to build an entire brand. That is where my passion is right now, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Johnson is an online voice to keep an eye on for those wishing to learn more about how to make it big online. Want to see more of social media guru Nathan Johnson? Follow him online @weekdayrehab and keep an eye out for his next marketing project to hit the web soon!

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