Which Brand Clothing is the Best?

Which Brand Clothing is the Best?

There are hundreds and hundreds of brands to choose what you need right now. And it is honestly hard and obviously impossible to remember all of them if you are not a fashion expert (and even if you are.) From expensive luxury to casual looks, from sportswear to wedding gowns, thousands of designers create trends and the face of the fashion world. Thousands of comfy and always-desired pieces are offered to the fashionistas in thousands of boutiques in different countries.

It is so difficult not to get lost in all these names and slogans of unique clothing brands. They are discussed, compared, and evaluated. “22 Best Clothing Brands for Women Worth Every Dollar” or “25 Best Clothing Brands for Men” – these charts are popular on the fashion-focused websites. But is it possible to choose among all this variety, diversity, and abundance?

The Devil Wears Prada

No matter if you are an angel or devil (or both at the same time) you’ll always remember some brand names as everybody knows them. Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Saint Laurent, Fendi… They are the real influencers and dictate their own rules to the entire industry. They are not just about quality and beauty; they are also about status and prestige. Usual summer clothing becomes the most desired and expected. People want to touch the world of wealth and success. Do you know anybody who can say no to Jaeger suit, Gucci shoes, or Chanel bag? People will always buy goods and services offered by high-end brands.

Specialization Matters

Some brands became recognized due to their specialization. They cater to certain segments and don’t try to cover all the consumers’ needs. The great example of this approach is Nike, an American corporation. What do you associate this brand with? Do you associate it with unique women’s clothing or a glamorous golden clutch? Oh, no, nobody would believe that there is a person who doesn’t know this ultimate athleisure brand. This is a name that needs no introduction, and you can stay fashionable while working at your fitness goals.

Specialization also helps small brands and newcomers on the market to find their own devoted consumers. They offer unique clothing for women, men, teenagers – depending on their strategy. Áma Unique is an example of such a brand. They focus on the demands of women of different sizes for comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable clothes. Any woman from XS to 5XL can be sure that she’ll find cute outfits for the office, for a bar with her friends, and anywhere in between.

Accessible Superpremium

Middle-market consumers are a very attractive segment for many brands. Their position is that price won’t be a barrier to quality, style, and chic. They offer a wide variety of modern and classic designs, totally affordable and definitely right on-trend, to millions of fans all around the world. Zara is the first brand that comes to mind when speaking of the mass market. They are well appreciated even by celebrities who often combine luxurious items with Zara. Some brands of that kind are aimed at a young target market like Bershka. They are more democratic at a price, crazier, and freer. The main peculiarity of all these popular brands is the number of their stores. They can be easily found and don’t hesitate to visit them.

So, which brand is the best? This question has no answer. Find your own personal favorite among these big and not-so-big names. Your choice depends on your taste, personal preferences, or financial situation. Don’t be afraid of experiments, challenge the rules, and create your own look.

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