What Happens If You Take Too Many ED Pills

Erectile dysfunction has become quite a headache for a lot of men in this world lately. This disease embarrasses men in front of the world. Most of them cannot share these things with even their friends, and that sometimes leads to overthinking, anxieties as well. Although we have a few ways to fight against the disease, it is still a big deal for many adult males. Besides, the medicines we are currently using to fight against the disease have severe side effects in over-dosages. Hence, we cannot use them like we take pills for normal fever or cough and cold. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the side effects of ED meds like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, and more. Check out the 

Side effects of medicines for erectile dysfunctions

Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Kamagra are the four main types of medicines to treat erectile dysfunction. These drugs have helped many male adults to get some confidence back in their lives. However, overdose or not correctly using these drugs has given several severe side effects to the others. Here in this segment, we will shed some light on the different side effects of erectile dysfunction. 

  • Headaches

Headaches are very severe side effects of using erectile dysfunction drugs available in the market. The sudden change in the blood flow due to the increased number of nitric oxide can cause severe headaches. This is a side effect that almost all kinds of ED drugs possess. Hence, it will not be much help trying to switch between brands to alleviate the headache. If you feel anything close to a headache due to your ED drugs, call the doctor for prevention.

  • Body aches and pain

Body aches and pain will be painful side effects patient’s using erectile dysfunction drugs may experience. Some people taking ED drugs experience muscle strains and aches, whereas some of them experience pain throughout their body while on these medicines. Some people also experience pain in their lower back. If you feel any of these types of pain, you should contact the nearest medicines supplier or can opt for the over the counter pain medications. 

However, even in this case, you should also consult a doctor as they can find the exact reason for your pain and help you with the over the counter pain medications that are safe to consume with our ED meds.

  • Dizziness

A problem happens with most of the ED drugs, especially with Tadalista pills. The increasing level of nitric oxide in your blood may make some of the men dizzy. This dizziness is a mild one caused by ED medicines. However, for some people, it might cause discomfort in doing regular activities. Some people have suffered fainting because of this dizziness caused by the side effects of ED meds. It may cause a severe health issue then. Hence, contact your doctor when it is getting worse. Dizziness can become harmful for weak people if not treated properly. So you should not neglect it as well. 

  • Digestive system problems

The ED medication may cause uncomfortable digestive system side effects as well. These side effects are problematic for most people. Indigestion and diarrhea may be common side effects; however, it can make severe health issues. Take help from your dietitian to make some dietary changes to reduce the upset of your stomach. Try drinking more water than drinking caffeinated beverages; juice and alcohol might help you to fight against this side effect as well. You can also take help from over the counter medicines or seek help from your doctor. 

  • Vision Changes

Visionary changes are very harmful to a side effect for any erectile dysfunction medicines. ED meds might alter your eyesight temporarily. They even can blur your vision, as well. This is a very severe side effect. If the patient has suffered a vision loss or a retinal pigmentation, they should not use any ED medications. Complete loss of vision not going away may signify the issue with ED medication. You should take help to rush to the nearest medical facilities to check up in such cases. No matter what problems you face, you should always check the doctor. 

  • Flushes

This is another huge side effect of using erectile dysfunction curing drugs that most patients do not like. Flushes are small red spots on your skin. The flushes start developing from your face, and then it spreads to the different parts of your body. The flushes can be mild, just like blotchy skin, or it can become severe like rashes on your body. However, even though the flushes may make you uncomfortable with their appearance, these are not harmful at all. At least not like the other side effects on the list. However, you might make the situation worsen for you when eating or drinking.

  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Or are outside in warm temperatures.
  • Congestion and runny nose

This is another side effect you may face while having erectile dysfunction medicines regularly for some time. This is a prevalent side effect, and in most cases, you have to do nothing to co-op with the side-effects. It goes away quickly. You can go and talk to your doctor if you want. So these are some of the most common side effects we experience while having the ED medicines. We have also listed some uncommon but severe side effects as well. You can check them below:

Uncommon and severe side effects

Minor side effects are common, and they become severe in a very less number of cases. However, here are some uncommon side effects that are most severe and occur as a side effect of consuming erectile dysfunction medicines.

  • Priapism
  • Vision loss
  • Sudden changes in hearing

So, these are some major problems that take place side by side when you are consuming erectile dysfunction medicines. If you feel any of these inconveniences while having the ED medicines, you should go and have a check-up in the doctor’s chamber. 

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