5 TV Shows That Are as Amazing as Money Heist on Netflix

5 TV Shows That Are as Amazing as Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist was in the headlines all year for becoming one of the global hits. This Spanish series was acquired by Netflix after the first season of the show and the rest of the three seasons were originally created by Netflix. The show was a hit for its amazing storyline, plot, super-awesome characters and much more.

However, the Money Heist season 5 is expected to be released somewhere in 2021. It is expected that Rio might die first. Okay, Okay! No spoilers. However, some of the shows that you search might not be available in the library of your region and thus you need to connect to a VPN to get the access to Netflix regional libraries. If you use Surfshark for Netflix you can connect to any of the Netflix libraries that you want. Moreover, connecting to American Netflix library can always work in this case because this is the biggest library of Netflix with more content than any of the other libraries. Coming back to the topic of shows that you should watch till season 5 is out then here is a list of 5 shows that are as amazing as Money Heist.

1. Elite

Seasons available: 3

Elite is a Spanish language series, but the attention it has gathered is from the global audience. The storytelling and cliffhanger endings of this show are just like the Money Heist. The story revolves around a few college teenagers, and it has got everything from brilliant script to suspenseful and thrilling plots. Season 3 was released in 2002 however 4 is not confirmed yet.

2. Breaking Bad

Number of seasons: 5

With an IMDB rating of 9.5, this show is the best that we have recommended in this list because Breaking Bad does some many things tremendously well.

Walt and Jessie were involved in multiple heists while being in the business of drugs. The show is all about a story of a professor who teaches chemistry and has now decided to use his knowledge to make the meth. The top-class acting with the brilliant and mind-blowing story play made this show the best currently. 


Number of seasons: 2

Rebellion is an Irish series taking place in 1916 and dramatizes the Easter Rising that saw Irish revolutionary fighters come up against the British. This show is related to history in a way that it takes you back in time making the connection with those Irish fighters. This show is just as good as any other show and is worth binge-watching.

4. Bodyguard

Number of seasons: 1

If you like Money Heist because the professor is fighting with the Government? Then, this a show that you would surely love. This drama-filled show is about a complex ex-military officer who has now become the bodyguard of a top member of the British Government. The characters developed and the plot explained is as good as Money Heist.

5. Vis a Vis

Number of seasons: 4

This again is a Spanish show that has been written amazingly, and the actors have done just that with the brilliant script. This is a prison drama of a young woman who is forced to spend her life behind bars. With some drama, emotions and some amazing punches of grittiness, this show is just as brilliant as Money Heist. The series is available in most regions except the UK where it’s available on 4D. But if you are in the UK you can watch it with a VPN that can connect you to the US server. These are the best and amazing shows that are worth watching. These thriller, suspense, drama and action mixed shows will surely make your binge-watching great. 

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