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Looking for a Job? Need to Find a New Specialist? Tips and Tricks For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that was created to develop and maintain professional communication. That includes relationships between employees and their bosses, exchanging experiences with colleagues, and finding specialists for your needs. By now, on LinkedIn, you can also find where to buy services and utilities for your business as well.

Nowadays, as social media is ruling the online world, LinkedIn meets even more interest from bloggers and B2B segments of brands. This is why in this article you will acknowledge some useful tips and tricks upon how to run a good profile, create a blog with big influence, and find the most suitable specialist for your business.

LinkedIn Followers

Working On the Profile

Having a fair profile is one of the absolute musts both for business owners and workers. The more information you put into your profile, the better is the result, as recruiters lurking on the platform will be able to define exactly if they need you. In case they don’t, they won’t bother you and waste your time. And if you are something that they are looking for, the further interview will be more accurate and effective, and shorter as well. Here are some points to keep in mind when you are filling in your account information:

  • Fill in the “About” section thoroughly. It will boost your position in search results, as it is a short summary that tells the main information about you. 
  • Personalize the link to your profile. On LinkedIn, it is possible to change the URL as you want to. So why not put on your real name to the link! This will make your profile memorable and outstanding. 
  • Work on the headline. The first impression is vital, so make sure it catches the eye and picks interest in your profile. A little clickbait might do the trick. 
  • Add a video or images that prove your professional qualities and accomplishments. Visual content is proved to be perceived better than text, so if you have the opportunity to make a high-quality film about yourself, do it without doubt. 
  • Sprinkle some persona on your profile – write what are your hobbies and interests in life. This will help recruiters to decide if you fit into the team
  • And of course, leave and regularly update your contact information, so recruiters could reach you immediately. Well, no need to explain why it is important.

How To Improve the Results of Job Seeking on LinkedIn 

Beside the hacks written above, you have to know some more tricks that will help you to get yourself employed quickly. First of all, you should put the information about your skills and experience to order. Define which are the most important and relevant to the kind of a job that you want to find. Also do not forget to update the information about your newer skills and the improvement of your current qualifications. Having the freshest information about your experience is what will help you to get a new job pretty much sooner. You can also announce that you are available in your headline, so you can drive the attention of recruiters and business owners. 

Another important aspect of building up a strategy for quick employment is to do research on the companies that you are interested in. Find the ones who have an account on LinkedIn as well and follow them. You will be aware of all the vacant positions that the company has to offer. Thus, you can react operatively and present yourself to the potential employer. 

One of the actual methods to get a job quickly is to get in touch with alumni from your college or university that may be connected to the company you are applying to. Such an acquaintance will increase your chances to have an appointment that you need to impress the recruiters. Connections in this field are always helpful, and having a recommendation from a respected alumni will be a fine bonus to your benefits list. 

Also, show some activity on the platform for the sake of public image. Your behavior online will be noted for sure. Give your potential employers more reasons to hire you. 

  • Write articles that are based on your experience and knowledge 
  • Leave links to the articles, researches, or blogs that are interesting to you and provide useful information for the reader
  • Follow well-known specialists from your industry 
  • Get yourself involved in discussions in the comment section. Keep it professional though. 

The major advice that can be given to the one who seeks a job on LinkedIn is that you shouldn’t try too hard to sell yourself. Consider LinkedIn as another social media, where you share what you know and what concerns you in the world of your profession. 

How Should Brands Use LinkedIn With the Maximum Result 

Of course, LinkedIn is a powerful instrument not only for employees, but for businesses as well. The possibility to have a proper account that serves for search and communication with potential workers is a pure marvel. Also, on this platform, it is easier to find B2B companies and look through their services and experience without haste. This social network is a brilliant opportunity to follow the latest trends and news of the industry that your business is occupying. And here is a short guideline that shows how to run a successful and useful business profile on LinkedIn. 

  1. Include more visual materials. It is a well-known fact that posts with pictures, videos, infographics, and other kinds of media are getting the best results. Avoid using stock pictures, but put efforts into producing the original content. This helps to increase engagement and makes your account look professional. 
  2. Pay attention to the posting time. Like the majority of social media platforms, LinkedIn is sensitive to that matter. Right timing is one of the prominent tools for gaining authority on this network. The consistency of posting doesn’t matter much on LinkedIn, so you should target for the ideal time period, so your posts will be shown to the biggest possible audience. To find out when is your perfect hour, you will have to make a research about your audience. 
  3. Use the Showcase page. This feature on LinkedIn provides the possibility to share the specific content that is aimed for a certain group. This feature allows you to count in additional followers even if they don’t follow your company’s profile directly. You can make Showcases for your popular products or initiatives that may attract the users who are familiar only with those. 
  4. Communicate. The ultimate power of LinkedIn is that it is a social platform after all. To make your company look open and interesting to the potential employees, you have to talk to them, not at them. Drop questions and thoughts to share their opinions, exchange some information, reply to comments faster… And forget the dry robotic tone. You are talking to people and they want to talk with a person behind the brand, not the brand itself. 

A Short Word After

As you can see from this article, LinkedIn is a great network for both employees and their employers. On this social platform, you can get in touch with your colleagues, seek for a new job, find new information to digest, and look through the potential companies to apply to. 

And business owners and recruiters, on the other hand, are having a chance to make the process of finding the required specialist shorter and easier. Also for brands, LinkedIn is a fine marketplace, where they could demonstrate their values and benefits, and become closer to the employees. By now, the B2B segment is arising in this network, and this is a perfect place for exchanging contacts, bookmarking, and negotiating about the service conditions. At all sides, LinkedIn seems a great prodigious platform for professionals of all the industries. 

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