What to Look for When Choosing a Weebly Theme

Is that easy to stay for more than 10 seconds on a website? The answer is absolute, no. So, as an online seller, you have to give your website some fun and exciting touch for the audience, to make them stay and look again at your site. This could be possible by choosing the right Weebly themes according to your business.

Sometimes things get messy when you have many choices, but you can save your time and money both if you know about picking the right option. Here we will guide you to the right path while choosing a template on Weebly.

Weebly template/theme:

A template or theme is your website’s overall layout, which includes image, video, navigation, and much more. The template will represent your business in front of your customers.

Weebly templates are easy to understand for the users who are using it the first time.

Choosing the right Weebly Template/theme:

To choose the best Weebly responsive themes for your site, you have to follow these steps.


Before starting looking for a template, you have to precisely make your mind what you want to represent on your site. According to your profession, you will find many templates on Weebly. So, you have to be very clear about what you want to represent your client.

Your online selling site should have to display available products with their features and price.

Step 2:

The second and most important step is to look at other professions’ users and what kind of templates they are using. This will help you understand your competitors and how they engage their clients on their sites and narrow down your template search. Collect as much information as you can; this will help you in establishing your business online.

Step 3:

The third step is that you must have to know how to attract clients on your site by using eye catching visuals. Your homepage must have all of the primary and important information about your services for the client. Colorful things always catch the attention, so use images and visuals.

Step 4:

Above all, steps make your mind clear about your desire, so now you can easily select what you want. In the final step, you have to choose a color theme according to your profession. Like if you are a writer, use a black and white theme to show your passion.  


Weebly provides a platform for online sellers to create their selling websites, helping them set up their businesses. Weebly provides you thousand of templates; you found it hard to choose the right one. Following these steps will help you out in finding a suitable template for your website. Each step is essential and a ladder to the next step. So, follow all the steps accordingly.

Keep on looking for your competitors to learn and optimize your website from time to time. It is always a better option to improve with experience. 

Before starting a search for a template, you have to make your mind according to your desire. Then search for your competitors in your passion and learn from them. Your template should be attractive to seek the attention of your clients.

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