The Hottest Convertibles to Rent in Miami Airport.

Bring your dream of driving a hot convertible through Miami to life. That dream is not so far away, and costs considerably less than you would think. Whether you are looking to take a trip to the Everglades, drive out to Key West, cruise along Palm Beach, or head to Little Havana, you can do it. And here´s how.

Firstly, close your eyes and picture what the dream convertible looks like. In your mind´s eye, what do you see? Is it a Chevrolet Camaro, a Ford Mustang or a Buick Cascada, a BMW 430i Convertible or A Mercedes SLC 300? Whatever your baby of choice, making that dream a reality takes only a few clicks and costs from only $54 per day.

We researched this looking at the some of our favourite car rental brands operating out of Miami airport, and have come up with three top car rental companies offering you convertible rental cars that will blow your mind.

Biggest Selection of Convertible Rental Cars Miami:

There is a great selection of cars from normal convertibles, to exotics to luxury convertibles available in Miami airport to rent.  You are not the only one living this dream.  Miami seems to be the best place to come to when you are looking for a mega car, the top down, great road trips and perfect climate to enjoy it all year round.

For the biggest selection of convertibles, Sixt car rental brand is very well stocked in this convertible car category in Miami for you. Other well stocked car rental brands include Enterprise and Hertz.

Cheapest Convertible Rental Car Miami:

Usually making a dream come true can cost a pretty penny, but the great selection of cars from Miami means that the car rental companies need to stay competitive on price, and that, my friend, is good news for you.

Convertibles in Miami start from only $54 per day, which is not a big price for your dream! This would get you a sweet Ford Mustang convertible, or a Chevrolet Camaro.

Lowest Deposit on a Convertible Rental Car Miami:

Deposits on rental cars can be a drag, but a necessary one, as the car rental companies are not going to let you drive off in their luxury cars, unless they know that they are covered.  They do this by getting you to pay a deposit or take out full insurance.

The cheapest deposit on a convertible is $700. This is always refundable, unless you damage the car. You can get around this by taking out full insurance, which costs from $24 per day, but means that you can enjoy driving your car without worrying about getting a scratch on it. Very much worth it for stress free driving.

Best Rated Convertible Rental Car Miami:

If this really is a dream of yours, then you want good customer service, you don´t want to wait all day to pick up your car, you want this done right, and the highest rating supplier of convertibles in Miami is Sixt Rental.

With reviews from over 4,690 happy customers, Sixt are seen as being the most convenient for a pick-up. They have an excellent customer service, give you unlimited mileage and they are a real customer favourite.

Best Insurance on a Convertible Rental Car Miami:

If you are driving a car that costs almost as much as you earn in a year, then please spend the little extra to take out a fully comprehensive insurance, or check that you are fully covered by your credit card insurance. Insurance costs from just $24 a day and gives you piece of mind, and removes the risk of you have to pay should even the smallest scratch appear on the car.

So, now that you know you can live your dream for a little over $50 per day. Get booking, get on the open roads, pull your sunnies on, get that music blaring, and enjoy the purr of a sweetly tuned engine under you.  Happy Days!  

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