Top Benefits of Prefabrication in MEP Systems: Types and Usability

Construction sector is vast and has many possibilities of innovation to it. This quality is especially a plus for benefitting from the MEP services. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. When we talk about the modern construction in commercial sector, MEP is the most efficient and reliable way of energy efficiency. That is to say, these are the key requirements for that. MEP cost estimationis also an important task and requires the professionals to perform it.

The main reason of utilizing MEP systems is the efficient integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing work into the high-rise buildings.  It is the major work during construction. The services are necessary for all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction.

The concept of prefabrication is common now. The use of this technique has become widespread. The basics of pre-fabrication circle around the practice that it is the much-needed innovation in the construction industry. This method has a successful implementation in the MEP building systems as well.

We are going to discuss further the usability and types of prefabrication in the MEP systems. This is to equip you with the important information of both these systems. There are technicalities and complexities in the whole process of construction. Nevertheless, there are also methods that reduce the intensity of tasks. Both the method prefabrication and MEP systems possess that quality. MEP estimators further ease the task of selecting among multiple options.

Before going into the details of prefabrication in the MEP system, it is important to list the basic ideas and definition. The following are the details in this regard.

Prefabrication in the MEP systems:

The concept of prefabrication consists of manufacturing of the components offsite. It also involves the assembling of these components. These components are then transferred to the site for the installation.

These units are MEP modules. The basic idea behind this is to manufacture the modules in a controlled factory environment. The factors of weather and other external links do not affect the construction process through this way.

Types of MEP systems:

There are several types of MEP systems. These have utilities in different environments and modules. Moreover, the selection method depends on the usability of these in the building structure. MEP estimation services are a huge help in this regard. List of the systems is as follows:

  • Firefighting systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Protection and alarm systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Security and alert systems
  • Public address systems
  • Building management systems
  • Emergency power generation systems
  • Data systems with voice integrations

Some of these are the most essential for a building. Keeping in view the usability and importance, MEP systems are now the building services and facilities that are crucial to have for a building.

Types of prefabricated MEP systems:

Several types of prefabricated MEP modules are part of the system. We are going to discuss them briefly so that you will have a basic understanding. The complexity can sometimes kill the creativity.

First: components:

The first type is the prefabricated components. As the name suggests, these components are pre-constructed and then installed. The examples of such components are; flexible pipes, air conditioning ducts that are pre-insulated, sprinkler droppers, plastic piping etc.

Second: Sub-assemblies:

These modules are of two types. First is the vertical risers and the other is horizontal ceiling modules. The former contains MEP components in the form of ducts and pipes. The later deals with the installation if MEP in the ceilings. Hence, these contain the pump and compressor modules.

Third: Prefabricated assemblies with architectural components:

This type of prefabricated MEP systems contain sub-assemblies that has architectural and structural components. It contains horizontal modules with ceiling boards.

Fourth: Fully integrated assemblies:

As the name suggests, these modules have all the necessary control panels and interfaces. That is to say, all the requirements of proper on-site installations are there in these assemblies. The examples of these are cooling towers, water services, water pumps etc.

Benefits of MEP prefabrication:

It is evident from the above discussion that prefabrication has the perfect utility in the construction process. Moreover, the different types of assemblies make it easy for the owners and engineers to decide the usability. It is a decision that requires careful analysis of site conditions as well as the quality of construction. The usability is also a factor that depends upon the MEP cost estimation. That is what will decide the feasibility of this method. Well, that is the debate for some other time. We are going to list the important and possible benefits of MEP prefabrication here.

  • On-time and fast completion of manufacturing and assembling without the intervention of site conditions.
  • Guarantee of safe working environment for the technicians and the labor. The absence of machinery that can pose threats makes the site of prefabrication safe.
  • Delays are less in terms of weather conditions and any other external involvements.
  • Process of installation is easy.
  • The quality of the fabricated unit is guaranteed. Since the work utilizes the skills of labor in the best possible manner.

Some of these benefits are more practical than the rest but the importance and significance is equal. Process of MEP prefabrication allows the possibility of more innovation. This is extremely important for the discovery of innovative ways in the process of construction.

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