The power Of Personal Branding with Entrepreneur Lewis Schenk

Perhaps the most important thing that you can control if you do business online, is your personal brand. Your brand is the way you’re perceived by the world and allows you to be recognized, to sell better, to grow your company or even to start a revolution. Your personal identity will help you do it, no about what you’ll be looking to do in life. There is the possibility for tremendous growth in nurturing your personal brand and Lewis Schenk has shown just this, achieving new heights in the hyper-connected virtual environment of today. Social media has become a powerful medium for creating a company faster and easier than ever before. Here is some of Lewis’ best advice when it comes to your personal brand.

1.   Identify and Amplify What Makes You Special

If it’s a tale of struggle in schooling or the capacity to stay optimistic in whatever circumstance, all entrepreneurs get something that renders them genuinely special. Determine exactly what makes you unique and amplify it – whether it be an accent, a talent, or simply just your name.  In a world of photocopies, each and every opportunity you have to make your personal brand stick out, amplify it.

2.   Teach Others

The best way to get better at something, is to teach others how to do it. Think of thought leaders such as Tony Robbins in self-improvement and Jim Cramer in investment: their personal brands became gigantic inside their respective sectors. It is necessary to attribute almost all of their performance to how often they teach people. All have published extensively and informed them by their participation on social platforms, allowing them to create personal relationships and prosper.

3.   Establish Your Own Story

Everyone has a story, which is a fundamental part of communication – and arguably the most powerful of all. Everyone loves a good story as they invoke emotion and feel relatable, so don’t be afraid to share yours. There is a tale to be shared by businessmen in every field, but the more intimate, the more you will be able to engage your audience. Whenever you can, leverage your own personal story of the story of your company, whether communicating at a convention or even on the “about” portion of the homepage of your organization.

4.   Maximize Your Social Media Presence

The support system to every personal brand is social networking, so use this to your benefit. Connect with others on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and aim to offer value that influences, educates and inspires them. Providing leadership advice and share interesting tales from inside the organization is also very effective. The number one rule in business is that the more people who know you, the better.

5. Model What Works

 Although some personal and private brands are founded at the possible expense of others as well on the going back of others, the impact they have generated for others is based around the most widely respected personal brands. “So much of my content is thought up by studying the market, seeing what looks good and implementing similar styles into my work” Lewis explains. By observing what others do and seeing what works for them, you can implement this into your own personal brand and come up with a unique spin on it.

6. Hire Someone Who Knows What to Do

It is essential that even accomplished individuals need to match their learning with their ambition, because without the right knowledge you will face many obstacles that were easily avoided. Nevertheless, this has been one of the important purchases that you can make in creating a solid, profitable, and reputable personal brand. You may try to do it all on your own, but getting help certainly takes the load off.

7. Develop Your Skills and Provide Value

 No matter what you do, it’s important to share advice, knowledge and lessons you’ve learned with your audience, as it’s a basic principle that the more you give, the more you get. “Before I gave any value out on my profile, I feel like not as many people trusted me when I connected with them. Since I’ve been providing more value, more people have come my way and more people have connected with me” said Lewis.  By incorporating this into your personal branding regardless of the niche or industry, more people will trust you and hence be more likely to do business with you.

If you’re looking for any more personal branding tips, look no further than Lewis’s pieces of advice here. Follow Lewis on Instagram or check out his website.  

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