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Is mineral water good for you?

It is a known fact, that drinking eight glasses of water each day is very important. It not only helps you stay hydrated, but also ensure that bodily functions are taking place efficiently. So, let us understand how drinking water which as the optimum nutrients and minerals is good for you.

Mineral water in India is collected from the natural underground springs and reservoirs. It is a freely available and ready for consumption at source. Some of the minerals that are in the water include calcium, magnesium and sodium. Hence, drinking such mineral water offers numerous health benefits to the drinker. You can buy mineral water online as well.

This article will let you know the health benefits that you stand to receive when you consume mineral water as opposed to drinking other types of drinkable water which is safe to consume.

So let us begin right at the top, what is mineral water?

One of the best things about mineral water in India is that unlike other types of drinkable water, it is bottled right at its source or collection. And it contains numerous natural minerals and other trace elements which treated non-mineral water might not have.

In the USA, based on research done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the mineral water that we consume must not have less than 250 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids from the source of collection. Also, once collected and bottle, adding extra minerals during is not allowed as that will change the composition of the water collected at source.

One of the other things to remember is that mineral water is naturally carbonated and just like adding minerals is not allowed, neither is carbonating the water. The only thing that is allowed is that mineral water in India can be treated in order to eliminate potentially toxic substances like arsenic that might be naturally present in the water.

Upon checking some of the natural sources of mineral water in India, the minerals found in it include magnesium, calcium, sodium, bicarbonates, sulphates, fluorides and chlorides.

One of the intriguing things about mineral water in India is that the health benefits you attain vary depending on the source of water. This is because, the amounts of minerals are different depending on where the water is collected from. Hence, when you decide to buy water online, ensure that you know the source of collection.

When compared to tap water or purified water from aqua-guards, mineral water stands to provide higher number of minerals.

Benefits of drinking mineral water in India

Some of the health benefits that you stand to receive if you drink mineral water in India are:

1. Promotes good bone health

2. Helps lower and reduce blood pressure

3. Benefits the heart health

4. Ensures proper bodily functions through proper hydration.

5. Help relive constipation

6. You can buy water online

Many people do not believe that just drinking mineral water in India can have such health benefits, however the fact is that this is one of the few sources of natural minerals that the body stands to get. It also helps ensure that salt levels in the body are at an optimum which is necessary and often looked over.

How you can buy water online?

The other simple thing is that people often forget is that mineral water in India is easily available. Multiple brands have sourced such mineral rich water and package it in various sizes for consumption. The water is safe to drink and available either at:

  1. Grocery stores
  2. Medical stores
  3. Supermarkets
  4. You can also buy water online.

Conclusion about drinking mineral water in India
This is a good switch to make if you are not already drinking mineral water. One of the things that we often forget to do while we live a healthy life and follow a heath routine is drinking enough mineral water. However, it’s never too late to make a change and ensure that you drink enough mineral water going forward.

So, if someone does ask you, is mineral water good for you, the answer is a confident resounding ‘YES’!

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