Interview With Fashion Model Anthony Consiglio

Hello Anthony! How are you?

Hey, what’s up! Happy and content, thank you for asking. 

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a Model/Influencer?

Honestly, I never wanted to pursue this as a career but, so many people in my family suggested it, even friends around me always told me I should act or be in magazines, model clothing, commercials, etc… so I just went for it one day. I started when I was 16. 

How has Covid-19 affected your work?

It’s pretty much at a standstill, really. Not much work going on but fortunately, I have other endeavors to focus on as well. 

What are some goals you are hoping to achieve before this year ends?

I’ve been focusing on fitness lately, so definitely looking to get myself in better shape. Also shopping for some investment property. 

Do you favor print or runway work ? Why?

Print. Runway doesn’t pay enough for the time and headache you’re involved in the entire day. It’s honestly chaos behind the scenes. 

What brands have you modeled for in the past?

Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, JC penny catalogs, sears catalogs. 

Is there any brand you wish to model for in the future?

Yes. I’d love to work with Louis Vuitton and Burberry. 

Where do you see your modeling career 5 years from now?

Touch of Gray Just for Men hair dye.

Describe your style in one word?


Best perk of your job?

Traveling the world. 

Where has your work taken you in the past?

So far … Miami, California, Canada, New York, Italy, Thailand, Slovakia, and Laos.

Find Anthony Consiglio on Instagram Here.

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