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How Can Non Duality Lead You to Spiritual Awakening

Traditionally, only those who lived a monastic life were known to achieve a shift in awareness after many dedicated practice years. These seekers derived adult sensory experiences from the wholeness of life. This contemplative state of non duality does not entertain thinking in opposite terms as no perceived differences exist.

Spiritual awakening is not reserved for enlightened beings. It is a constant invitation to embrace yourself with all your human imperfections. You are part of the oneness of the universe with your pains, sorrows, joys, and pleasures. 

As you contemplate what is non duality, think of it as life in the present minus the restrictions of labels and concepts. Listed here are the fascinating principles of spiritual awakening:

  • Only the present exists, so live in the now
  • You create problems by overthinking and setting expectations
  • Your thoughts do not define you, so stop controlling them
  • Focus on the journey, not on the destination
  • When you start making comparisons, you undervalue your unique qualities
  • Celebrate your imperfections

The non dual perception, after putting aside all your emotions and thoughts, leaves you with your true self. Everything around is an expression of your Creator, and to fully understand life, view it in its totality. On the other side of the spectrum is a dualistic approach which is always fragmented. 

When you take the first step towards non duality, you are no longer a mere observer; instead, you gradually merge with the observed. It is here that you will experience the absence of contradictory forces and possessive feelings. You reach a state of pure consciousness which transports you beyond your thoughts of good and bad.

Spiritual awakening occurs when you realize your false self is a product of your conditioned mind and nothing else. It is your ego which manipulates your mind into projecting blame and doubt where none exists. Fleeting beliefs create a conflict when you perceive them to be the gospel truth. 

Surrendering yourself spiritually means accepting that the truth is way beyond your false beliefs. To feel genuinely liberated, you need to wholeheartedly enter the unknown by letting go of all control mechanisms. What is non duality is often challenging to describe in words as it defies our conditioned mindset. 

Let us examine how non duality can lead you to spiritual awakening:

Enables You to Surrender To Life

When you realize that you are not in control, accepting life as it comes with its ups and downs becomes easier. Not allowing your mind to play deceitful games enables you to live in the present moment without resisting temporary discomfort when it arises. You surrender to the fact that the course of your life is beyond your control. 

Liberates Your Mind

The moment you surrender to the greater powers that exist, you do not experience negative emotions but a genuine feeling of relief. Non duality liberates you from the illusions of your mind and allows your life to take shape naturally. You will no longer entertain the feelings of being victimized, hopeless, and depressed. 

Builds Your Awareness

Remaining conscious of the games your ego plays by sending temptations your way and triggering your deepest fears, equips you to fight the urge to submit. The instant you prioritize peace, all your problems begin to fade away. So-called invisible forces and your distorted thoughts no longer have you under their spell.

Empties Your Cup

A strong willingness to undo your ego makes you go with the flow. It leaves no scope to resent, desire, hold on, or worry about what has gone and what lies ahead. The constant battle between your spirit, which lives in the present, and your ego no longer divert your focus.

Shapes Your Attitude

With a definite attitude, there is no room for justifications and unnecessary arguments. Your firm resolve saves you of all the unwanted drama caused by your ego’s interference.  Paying less attention to that inflated sense of self, which time and again puts in an appearance, makes it eventually crumble.

Leads to the Truth

Once the constant back and forth wavering ceases to exist, you are led to the truth as it stands in the present. Living moment to moment rids you of all preconceived notions that block your sense of reality. Your actions are no longer an outcome of your false perception of truth.

Illumined teachers are best equipped to pass on such essential teachings so learn the basics from a qualified spiritual practitioner. Find inner peace and fulfillment by discovering pure and lasting consciousness.

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