External Optimization and Link Building to get higher rankings in Search Engines

Search engines and Softplux believe that the more authoritative a web page (and the website it belongs to), the more likely the information on that page will give a better answer to a user’s question and an overall better user experience.

Search engines do not name the exact metrics by which authority is calculated. But, based on patents, experiments, A / B tests, working hypotheses were developed, and even services appeared that help to accurately determine the authority, or as it is also called “Trust” of search engines.

SEO is a set of works on an Internet resource for better ranking in search results.

External optimization and link building Ahref’s Rating UR and DR:

UR is the rating of a specific page, and DR is the rating of the domain as a whole. These are Ahrefs’ metrics for measuring page and website authority, respectively.

In SEO, authority is mainly determined by links from other sites to yours. Imagine that links are the votes of other resources in favor of yours (as in the elections). When another site links to yours, search engines will see that link as proof of your site’s authority.

Link Building strategy is nothing more than link building. It is the process of strategically gaining links from third parties to your site to increase the authority of your pages.


However, not all links will be of equal benefit. The following are considered more valuable:

  • Links from unique domains (for example, 10 links from 10 different sites is better than 10 links from the same site);
  • Links from authoritative pages and sites – the higher the level of trust (trust) to the site or page that links to you – the more effective such a link is for you;
  • Links from thematic sites or from thematic pages of a related site (that is, links from sites on a similar topic are better than links from sites on a completely unrelated topic);
  • Links with relevant keywords in the anchors – for example, to a page selling smartphones, you can link with the anchor text: “Look here”, or you can link with the text: “You can buy a smartphone here.” The second option will give more effect for promotion on the request “Buy a smartphone”.
  • Links located at the top and inside the body of the page (compared to links located below the page, in the headers and footers, in the sidebar) have more effect.
  • Links from sites with the same geography of traffic. That is, if the site that links to you has at least half of the audience from your country, then the effect of such a link will be higher than if the percentage of your compatriots on the site is at the level of 10-20%. 

Link building is considered the hardest part of SEO, so if you manage to master it, you will have a strong advantage over the competition.

If a company knows how to correctly acquire links, it gets a huge amount of traffic as a result.

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