Lacclan Gottfried Took Revenge on Jackson O’Doherty – Painted his whole car Pink

Sometimes, life can be complicated. It takes you in the direction in which we never saw ourselves going in. Lacclan Gottfried is an Australian prankster, born in October 1998. He has gained a lot of followers, subscribers and likes on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. In the growing sensation of social media, he started his work as a videographer, but later on he started to pull pranks on people. This journey of his took a significant turn when he took revenge on his friend, Jackson O’Doherty, by painting his house Barbie-pink as a prank. This got more than 3 million views in 3 days. You can check out his Instagram page by clicking on the link below:

As a growing figure on social media, Lacclan Gottfried has got 190k followers on Instagram and more 4k on Facebook. 

Since they have started living together, Lacclan Gottfried and Jackson O’Doherty are continuously pulling pranks a whole lot on each other. Being a videographer and prankster, Jackson O’Doherty went to Dubai for his business trip. While he was enjoying his trip there, Lacclan Gottfried was trying to get revenge for several pranks which Jackson O’Doherty pulled on him like he moved his bedroom inside a pool, taped his whole car and even painted his car pink. So, he decided that he will also paint his car pink which is more expensive than his car. They brought his car to open place and started spraying pink paint on Jackson O’Doherty car with his friends. They nicely applied tape on the side windows and to ruin it on many levels. They started with borders of side windows of the car and at the end they did not even leave the tires and painted them pink also. On the driving seat door, they wrote men following with symbols of heart. Being the boys, they also enjoyed themselves very much. Link for the video is given below:

They painted it pink thoroughly so that the original black color of the car was completely gone. The black rims turned into pink. It was nothing but looked like a car of Barbie which some girl had in her childhood, but in the real life car size.

As Jackson O’Doherty reached home, he was like “oh my God”. As Jackson O’Doherty also colored pink Lacclan Gottfried’s car, Lacclan Gottfried said that now we are twins. With zero empathy, Lacclan Gottfried continuously mocked him and started to compliment his paint job on Jackson O’Doherty’s car versus Jackson O’Doherty paint job on Lacclan Gottfried’s car. Jackson got over this prank and took the car for a drive in a hometown with Lacclan. 

It’s hilarious for a lot of people but it might offend some. The trick is all in agreeability however; it’s only a chuckle and some all around required fun which we as a whole need this year. We keep thinking about whether Jackson has figured out how to get back to his friend and get under control and yet shaking his Barbie pink hued car. 

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