‘Schitt’s Creek’ Makes Emmys History. Wait, ‘Schitt’s Creek’?

I noted in a previous article that I was just getting into Schitt’s Creek. Yes, I was late to the party. Apparently a lot of people were late to the party, if the Emmy Awards are to be believed. Or maybe they just waited until the last second to give people the admiration they felt they deserved previously. The Emmys are weird. The Emmys also loved Schitt’s Creek this year.

I am not on the final season of the show yet – I’m making my way through season four – so I can’t speak to its quality. All I know is that Schitt’s Creek wasn’t really an Emmys darling. It wasn’t winning awards before 2020. Sure, Catherine O’Hara would get nominations. She rules. Everybody knows that. It didn’t get her a win. Then, suddenly, came the final season of the show. It was also the final season of The Good Place. Apparently Emmy voters like a traditional sitcom about a family over a heady philosophical comedy set in the afterlife. Schitt’s Creek cleaned up.

It didn’t just win Outstanding Comedy Series. It won all four major comedy acting awards. Dan Levy and Annie Murphy took home the supporting awards, while Eugene Levy and the legend that is Catherine O’Hara took home the lead awards. While I’d quibble about Eugene Levy being considered a “lead” as opposed to his son, those are decisions made by the actors themselves. Hey, it clearly worked for them here. They all took home hardware. This has never happened to a show before.

I feel weird about this. Do I like Schitt’s Creek? Absolutely. Is it the best sitcom ever? No. It’s weird that it’s the first show to do this, though. Think of how many great sitcoms there have been. The Mary Tyler Moore Show never did that. Hell, I Love Lucy didn’t do it in the ‘50s, and there was much less competition then. Of course, they also had different awards back then. The Emmys were relatively new. No, it wasn’t Arrested Development that did this. It wasn’t 30 Rock that broke this record and made this history. It was Schitt’s Creek. I think three of those actors give great performances, and Eugene Levy is quite good. Maybe he’s great in the final season. I’m not there yet! It’s just weird that this show – from Canada – is the history-making sitcom. The power of Catherine O’Hara, I can only assume.

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