Ranking Even Episode Of Season Seven Of ‘The Simpsons’

I’ve gotta say, I really look forward to doing these Simpsons episode rankings each week. I love the show, I love thinking about it, and it’s really fun to ponder what order I am going to put the episodes in. I’m not an obsessive ranker of things, but it’s enjoyable to do when you are talking about something you really enjoy. The sixth season of The Simpsons is another great one. The margins are razor thin, but I do actually take a second to compare episodes when I am deciding which will rank higher. I do the work! Not that I have any complaints about getting to think about which Simpsons episode is the best in a given season. Let’s get to it!

25. “Another Simpsons Clip Show”

24. “A Star is Burns”

23. “Homer vs. Patty and Selma”

22. “And Maggie Makes Three”

21. “Bart of Darkness”

20. “Treehouse of Horror V”

19. “Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy”

18. “Bart vs. Australia”

17. “Lisa’s Wedding”

16. “Round Springfield”

15. “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)”

14. “Fear of Flying”

13. “Bart’s Girlfriend”

12. “Itchy and Scratchy Land”

11. “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds”

10. “Lemon of Troy”

9. “Bart’s Comet”

8. “Sideshow Bob Roberts”

7. “Lisa on Ice”

6. “The PTA Disbands”

5. “The Springfield Connection”

4. “Lisa’s Rival”

3. “Homer the Great”

2. “Homer Badman”

1. “Homie the Clown”

Hey, the “Treehouse of Horror” episode isn’t in the bottom two! Putting the clip show last was an easy choice, and “A Star is Burns” is a polarizing one. It’s a funny episode, but it’s also basically an advertisement for “The Critic,” which feels a little weird. Then again, it has a football in the groin. The top three are all classic Homer episodes. “Homie the Clown” is my second all-time favorite episode. It’s just dumb fun and truly hilarious. I also had to figure out where to put the first half of the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” two-parter. It’s a solid episode, but it’s weird to think of it as just a singular episode of TV. Putting it in the middle felt fair. Some people may think I have “Bart vs. Australia” too low. I think it’s a little facile at times, though it has some great jokes to be sure. I’ll see you next week for season seven. It’s going to be another brutal series of decisions I can’t wait to make.

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