Question Of The Week: Dream Sequels

I have not seen Bill & Ted Face the Music yet, though I fully intend to. In a different world I would have seen it in theaters, but as somebody who will be watching the movie solo I don’t want to splash that crazy cash to watch it at home. It’s not like it’s so intensely scrutinized spoilers will abound like it’s a Marvel movie. The first two movies in the series are good, but I’m also fascinated by the fact this sequel is so delayed. And that matters in the plot as well. It’s about Bill and Ted, who we remember as youngsters just out of high school, as middle-aged men. That’s something you don’t really ever see. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey came out in 1991. This leads me to my question of the week: What movie from the early ‘90s do you want to see get a sequel now?

Personally, I decided to focus in on 1991. I want to mirror Bogus Journey begetting Face the Music as much as possible. Some movies, like Ski School, would be kind of fun. That’s a very early ‘90s movie. I mean, it’s honestly more of an ‘80s movie that eked into the ‘90s. Imagine seeing all those characters in middle age, maybe revisiting the slopes. That would be more an exercise in novelty, though.

There were a lot of movies that were sequels or already have sequels. I can’t be like “How about a Terminator 2 sequel?” when there have been like 50 of them. Some, like JFK don’t really work in terms of make a sequel. I would say Drop Dead Fred, but Rik Mayall has passed on, and I’m not recasting him. You know what would be really interesting? A sequel to The Rocketeer. Now, that is a period piece, so it can’t be brought into modern times necessarily, but here’s what you could do. Like with Face the Music, 30 years or so have passed. That would mean the Rocketeer sequel would move from 1938 to 1968. Cliff Secord has been the Rocketeer, but he’s retired from that by now. Technology has moved on. Hollywood has moved on. Then, something happens. It’s Cold War times, so it could have something to do with the Russians. Cliff takes it upon himself to get back into action, though perhaps as a souped up version of the Rocketeer.

Yeah, that sounds like it would be fun to me. How about you? What’s a 30-year-old movie you want a sequel to?

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