Meet 2020′ leading digital marketing expert and founder of Baby Shark Networks-Shomaila Niaz.

Digital marketing is a powerful medium which can help any business scale new heights and Niaz has that experience and expertise to utilize the wonders of digital marketing the right way.

In present times, digital marketing has become a vital part for any business to reach its maximum potential. We have seen a spurt in growth of digital marketing since the past decade and it is one of the most popular mediums to be adapted by most individuals and entities to expand their reach globally. It has also gained popularity as it’s cost-effective with no requirements of a physical front or large manpower. Many businesses have included digital marketing as a part of their sales and advertising campaigns with many having jumped into the business of providing these services with their expertise. ShomailaNiaz is one such individual who capitalized on this trend and made a career out of this ever growing online technology called digital marketing.

Shomaila started her career as a digital marketer in 2013 and within a short span of time mastered the art to its fullest. Her out of the box innovative marketing ideas and strategies have made her one of the most sought after digital marketing experts in the industry. Having worked with some of the biggest names we have ever heard like Face book, Google, Bored Panda, Bright Side and a host of other international brands and websites she has acquired in depth knowledge of the works to the core. With years of experience behind her as a social media manager she was quick enough to launch her own premium marketing and PR agency called Baby Shark Networks which delivers digital marketing services as well as OOH in Pakistan. The agency is credited to have an elite list of clients including Nestle, Coke, McDonald’s and many other popular brands.

Shomaila says “we want to provide the most creative online marketing solutions which deliver humongous results, and we are contented to have given the desired results to every client of ours since our launch”. She wants her company to change the face of OOH and digital marketing through her one stop destination services which she plans to further expand to the US and UK.

Shomaila through her revolutionary approach has made Baby Shark Networks one of the best agencies in the country and her clients would vouch for this, for sure!


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