5 Super Fun Workout Ideas to Try If You’re Bored and Sluggish

Let’s be real: a 5 AM five-mile run with 30 minutes of weightlifting afterward is not for everyone. That workout doesn’t exactly scream “Fun!” in most people’s opinions. Luckily, an intense morning routine isn’t the only way to get your workout in.

Looking for some fun workout ideas? Look no further than our top five picks.

Top 5 Fun Workout Ideas

Exercise is important. But with its reputation of being more grueling than enjoyable, most people find it hard to convince themselves to get up and do it. But these 5 fun workout ideas are guaranteed to get you moving and maybe a couple of laughs.

1. Rollerskating/Rollerblading

Rollerskating and rollerblading have recently made a comeback into popularity. There are tons of videos on social media of rollerskaters gliding down the street to funky music. With how fun they make this activity look, it’s no wonder people want to try.

It’s a great low-impact ride that most people can pick up in an afternoon. This full-body workout engages the core and legs. What makes this great for everyone, especially beginners, is that you can set the pace that’s best for you.

You burn 500 calories per hour.

2. Dance

Want to really get moving? You might want to try a dance class. Many studios and gyms offer dance classes for adults.

Don’t worry; you don’t need any ballet technique to do these classes. They’re often marked as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you’ll have no problem finding one for your skill level. These classes also offer many genres, like hip hop and Latin.

Dancing is also great if you want to workout at home. You can dance around your living room to your favorite music or try finding an online class to get you moving.

Dancing will burn between 225-500 calories an hour.

3. Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for a bit of a thrill, try rock climbing. There are climbing gyms in major cities where you can spend the day climbing with friends and family. Indoor rock climbing is also a great option if you want to involve the kids.

With rock climbing, you can set your own pace and climb based on your difficulty. Rock climbing is an excellent upper body workout, engaging your arms and shoulders and improving your grip strength. You’ll have so much fun; you’ll barely notice it’s exercise.

Burn about 600 calories per hour when you rock climb.

4. Jump Around

Remember being a kid and trying to touch the clouds while jumping on a trampoline? Well, now it’s a great exercise that you can enjoy on a rainy day. Engage your core and legs while you jump for the sky.

Trampoline parks have exploded in popularity. With options like free jump, trampoline dodgeball, and dunk competitions, there’s an activity for everyone. If bouncing at home is more your speed, mini trampolines might be a great addition to your living room.

A trampoline bounce session will burn 600-100 calories an hour.

5. SUP Yoga

If you’re looking for a truly unique exercise, consider adding SUP yoga to your workout regime. Stand-up paddleboarding is good exercise on its own, add yoga, and that’s a fun afternoon. Hosted at pools and lakes, there accessible for any level of swimming.

Of course, falling in is half the fun. Doing yoga on a paddleboard will improve your balance while you get a full-body workout. Sound like the perfect way to spend a hot day cooling off.

SUP yoga can burn about 300 calories per hour.

Laugh Your Way to Health

Our everyday actions still burn calories. Laughter burns between 10-40 calories in 10-15 minutes. So why not combine laughter with your workout and burn a few extra calories? With these fun workout ideas, you’ll actually want to get up and move.

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