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What Is CBD Shatter? A Quick Guide

You might have heard of CBD shatter and its increasing popularity in the health industry, but finding your way around different types of CBD products can be confusing at first. This guide will help you learn about the basics of CBD shatter.

What are CBD Isolate and CBD Shatter? Cannabinoids (CBD) isolate come from hemp plants (Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis ruderalis), specifically from flower tops after several filtration processes. After combining the CBD isolate with terpenes, CBD shatter is produced.

CBD shatter is usually sold in white crystalline form. In this form, CBD easily “shatters,” which is why it obtained its name.

CBD shatter does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a mind-altering compound responsible for the “high” sensation upon consuming cannabis.  Therefore, this is not addictive at all. At present, CBD shatter is legal in several states in the US.

What Are Terpenes? 

Terpenes give most plants their characteristic odor. Terpenes in CBD shatter help the latter intensify its aroma and flavor. Aside from giving flavor and aroma, terpene (along with CBD) also has health benefits. This gives you different options when you buy CBD shatter.

For example, humulene, which comes from cloves, hops, and coriander, can quell your appetite while limonene from lemons and oranges can help people with anxiety and depression. Some terpenes even enhance your memory.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Wax and CBD Shatter? 

CBD wax and CBD shatter undergo the same extraction process. To produce CBD shatter, the mixture should not be disturbed and protected from intense heat and light.

If these conditions are not satisfied, instead of a transparent brittle solid (CBD shatter), a sticky yellow opaque one (CBD wax) will be produced.

What Are the Benefits of CBD shatter? 

CBD shatter helps those people who still want to enjoy the smoking sensation without getting “high.”

CBD shatter is also perfect for those fans of CBD in its purest form. Because it is concentrated, it is also more potent, making it good for those patients who need medical marijuana.

Others also prefer this form of CBD because it is less messy than CBD oils and waxes.

And lastly, CBD shatter also helps those people suffering from chronic illness by easing their pain quickly. By dabbing, the time it’ll take for CBD shatter to take effect is relatively fast. 

In general, CBD benefits include the following: 

  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Gets rid of insomnia
  • Reduces pain/inflammation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps people with epilepsy in reducing seizures
  • Manages cancer symptoms

However, to ensure safety, you should probably consult a doctor before consuming CBD products, especially if you have respiratory problems.

How to Use CBD Shatter? 

Unlike other CBD products, CBD shatter should be consumed by either vaporizing, dabbing, or smoking. Other people add this to their oil, then vape it. You can spice it up and add them to your food or drink.

Search for recipes that utilize CBD shatter as an ingredient. Don’t worry about it changing your food’s flavor because it has a mild to no flavor. You might also want to make your favorite smoothies with CBD shatter on it.

However, make sure that you don’t cook or heat them in temperatures higher than 100℃ to prevent them from degrading. 

How to Dab CBD Shatter?

Dabbing is the recommended method to consume CBD shatter. After heating, you can inhale the vapor directly to your lungs.

By choosing this method, you’ll experience the CBD effect quickly. Moreover, there’s no risk of producing carcinogens, which is likely to happen when you burn the CBD shatter. 

Dabbing can be done by turning on your torch and aiming it at the nail. Once the nail turns red-hot, you can turn off your torch and put the glass dome over the nail.

Allow your nail to cool for about 10 seconds if it is made up of titanium and about 45 seconds if it is made up of quartz. Then, take your dabber, put the dab on the nail, and inhale. 

Dosage and Storage

If you’re a beginner in using CBD shatter, start with a low dose. Observe. Then, start increasing your dose after a couple of hours until you reach the right dosage. Remember to go slow instead of starting with a high dose. Finally, CBD shatter should be stored in a cool and light-proof room to avoid degradation.

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