Savage Ticket Launch The How I Fell In Love With Jazz Video Contest (October 1- 30)

The innovative platform Savage Ticket aimed at completely transforming the way we consume music in the post-covid-19 world has recently announced their latest project. They will be holding a contest; The How I Fell In Love With Jazz Video Contest during the entire month of October (October 1-30). A prestigious jury constituted by legendary artists including Al Di Meola, Noriko Ueda, or five-time Grammy nominee Karrin Allison, will evaluate the 60 seconds videos in which participants will describe how they fell in love with jazz music. Both artists and music lovers can participate, and the winner will get a $2500 prize while the runner-up will get a $1000 prize. On top of these prices, Savage Ticket has announced they will be another 100 prizes of $100 each.   It is noteworthy to mention that Savage Ticket has already made a $50000 donation to the Jazz Foundation of America’s Covid-19 Musicians, a way to help the artists going through a difficult time survive the few months left before they can go back to their normal life, if that happens at all. 

The entire project and concept presented by Savage Ticket is to create a platform that will innovate and find alternative ways for artists, musicians, and listeners to have their path cross and generate income. From creatives, producers, venues, and networks, Savage Ticket seeks to unite everybody involved in music to create a sustainable model of enjoying music in the 21st Century, especially if the pandemic will still cause damage for a while. 

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