How To Study Effectively During COVID 19

While the lockdown may bring a lot of fun time to us all, it equally stops you from studying as all academic activities are on hold. This does not exclude the lockdown of your favorite library down the street. But as the case may turn out to be, you are still much in control over whether you study or you do not. And that is what I’ll show you in this post. At the end of this article, you’ll have all the 6 solid tips on how to study effectively during COVID 19. Some of these tips are also found on Leonard’s blog. Let’s dive in.

Tip 1; A Study Space. Yay!

If you’re a mover, you’d notice that sudden change in the human system which is a response to a change in the environment. Changing your environment heightens your psychological power and boosts your morale. And while you may not be able to or even need to move out to study during the COVID 19 lockdown, creating a study space will do the trick. Ensure that your study space is not only clean and clutter-free but inviting at the same time. It must be such that it draws you to itself and becomes a source of inspiration to study during the lazy days.

Tip 2; Preach The Gospel. Save A Soul!

By this, I don’t mean being the next generation Thomas or Jesus or Ezekial. What I mean here is that you should let the people living with you in the same house know that you’ll be studying here in this workspace. Not here on this blog of course. I mean your study space in tip 1. By letting them know, you prevent future distractions and avoid getting disturbed when in the middle of assimilation. Everyone respects your reading time. Yay!

Tip 3; Shave Off Those Things.

No, I don’t mean your precious mustache or whatever lovely hair that is a favorite part of you. Instead, you need to shave off every source of noise that may bite into your studies. And as the saying goes, it’s easier to control one person than it is to control the world. And this time, that person is you. You don’t have to break into the next-door neighbor’s room to crash his noisy stereo. Neither do you need to train the dog not to bark. Simply get a headphone to stream meditation music right into your ears as you read. This does not only seclude you from external noise but meditation music is a way to assimilate faster and enjoy your studies.

Tips 4; Pay Attention, Y’all

Focus is the most important psychological tool for enjoying assimilation and for making reading a fun activity. Add a positive vibe to that and you are out of the world, lost deep between the pages of books.

Tip 5; Tip Yourself

Ever given the paperboy a tip that brought a smile to his face. Now he won’t just stop coming back to you. The mind is like your fluffy dog or whatever pet you keep. You keep praising and taking care of it and it keeps serving you in a very loyal manner. So to speak, for every study session completed, give yourself a tip. This tip may be in the form of any of the things that you love by nature. A binge watch of a trendy movie on Netflix for one hour? A tire-size doughnut or pizza? You decide.

Tip 6; Set Realistic Goals And Don’t Stop Reading

Don’t plan to cover 20 books in a day. It’s a comical goal. Set simple, realistic study goals that you can be committed to and never stop reading. Good luck!

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