Helical piers work with all soil types

Foundation is that key element of a building on which everything is relying on. It is responsible for providing stability to a massive structure. It transmits a load of a superstructure onto the ground equally. It works in a way where it distributes the weight of the entire structure over a large area through which it saves from the risk of overloading the underlying soil.

What are Helical Piers?

Helical piers are steel pins that contain helices and can also be known various other names like anchors, piles, or screw piles. They are equipment that forms a solution to secure new foundations and is also helpful in repairing already existing foundations that may have some cracks or are simply just weak. 

When is it supposed to be used?

When the soil conditions are not allowing the traditional ways to set up a foundation system, this is where Helical piers play a vital role. In the past, the solution to irregular soil conditions was a large excavation which would be very expensive and hence Helical screwpiles have come forward as a blessing and solved this problem. Their design remains the key to their success. It is a steel shaft with round helix plates when it is rotated into the ground, the helix plates generate an axial thrust which results in the pier advancing into the ground like a screw goes into a wall. 

These days majority of the structural engineers are suggesting the use of Helical piers for all sorts of structures, the reason being that this is a reliable solution, the installation time taken is also very minimal, causes very little disturbance to the soil and the major advantage is that it transfers the weight to the soil deep into the earth that is capable enough to hold the weight.

Why Helical Piers are important? 

In our world right now, construction is on the rise and every day numerous structures are standing around the world. With this industry growing every day it is also becoming important to make the process more efficient. Helical Piers are used for many residential and commercial applications and have a specific use when there is a requirement for caissons, driven piles, or mini piles. It has been realized that when different foundations are exposed to moisture over a longer period on an unstable soil then damages to the structure and foundation can be very visible. Now, when you search for a solution to this, you will come to realize that you need to stabilize the foundation by performing certain repairments so that the property stays firm and it does not end up losing it’s worth. Hence, even if after one has encountered a failure in the foundation later, Helical piers can still be very handy. 

What benefit does the Helical Piers bring to you?

There are many different benefits of using helical screw piles. They are time and cost-efficient as their installation is made easy and one does not have to evacuate the property hence saves a lot of your money as well. It immediately takes the load off and there would not be a need to call back the engineers every few months whenever there is foundation damage is. Saving yourself from this hassle can make your life stress free, and since several different types of construction equipment can be used for installation, there is no need to locate special, difficult to find equipment. Even in situations that involve issues like minimal headroom or congested entrances, helical piles can usually be installed with machinery that is already available. 

What is their life span?

When it comes to their life expectancy, it usually depends on more than one factor and hence cannot be said to be absolute. However, experts predict it to go up to one hundred and fifty years. Although these helical piers are steel, they are heavily galvanized to prevent rust and depending on the soil composition will have a bearing on how quickly if at all helical pier will begin to deteriorate.

Finally, helical piles are a sustainable technology that will not be an issue even if in the future they are to be removed after they are served their purpose. Hence, they remain a top priority for situations where the least disturbance to the environment is required. They also have the tendency to be reused which just adds to the already existing numerous benefits of Helical Piers.

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