Your well-being after a damage event, how to deal with a personal injury case

A damage event is a major event in your life. It has a major impact on your personal life, but you can also suffer a lot from injury and the settlement of a personal injury case at work. How to deal with this and improve your well-being?

An accident what now?

An accident has happened to you. You have been hit by a car and have neck complaints. Or a dog attacked you and you were injured by a dog bite. What to do after an accident?

Treatment of injury

It is important after an accident to recover physically as quickly as possible. After a dog bite, go to a doctor or hospital emergency room to have the injury treated. With a dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet) it is then a suture. Have you been in a traffic accident? Then you may have suffered neck complaints or even whiplash. Physiotherapy or a rehabilitation process is then the most common treatment.

Mental complaints after an accident

In addition to physical injury, there may also be psychological injury after an accident. For example, you can have anxiety symptoms after a dog bite. Or you are very sad because the attack by the dog left you with a disfiguring scar. And also after a traffic accident, anxiety complaints often occur. This is a post traumatic stress disorder.

Psychological complaints after an accident can bother you personally but also at work. You can even become incapacitated for work due to psychological complaints after a dog bite or traffic accident!

Fortunately, there are good treatments for anxiety complaints. The best known treatment is that by the psychologist. The best treatment for post traumatic stress disorder is EMDR. The abbreviation EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a therapy where you are brought back to the accident or dog bite and learn to deal with this unpleasant event.

EMDR to cure a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is helpful but also a very expensive treatment. It easily costs more than € 1,000.00.

Reimbursement of costs for recovery of psychological complaints

Is someone else liable for the dog bite or the traffic accident? In that case, the personal injury insurer of the liable party must pay for your personal injury. This also includes the costs of EMDR.

Were the complaints caused by a unilateral accident or did you make a traffic error yourself? Then you may be able to rely on a passenger damage insurance ((Dutch: svi verzekering). On the basis of this insurance you will receive compensation for all your personal injury after a traffic accident, even if there is no liable party.

Importance of well-being after an accident

After an accident, it is very important that you recover as quickly as possible, both physically and psychologically. Your well-being is essential, in your personal life, but also at work.

After an accident, it is important that you are seen by the company doctor. This can help you with your reintegration into work. Support from the employer is of great importance after an accidental injury. It aids the recovery and reintegration of a personal injury victim.

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