Sintered Metal fibre felt

Sintered Metal fibre felt is constructed through a randomly laying of short metal fibre. This metal fibre medium is then subjected to sintering and bonding that forms a uniform filtration medium. Sintered metal fiber filter is a novel type of a porous material. It offers a superior filtration function over other types of filtration elements because it holds the excellent properties which give it an edge over other filtration mediums.

To manufacture a perfect filter media, you can add a material single layer or you can integrate a multilayer on sintered filter media or sintered mesh. Multilayer metal fibre provides higher filtration efficiency as compared to single layered metal. Furthermore, Sintered metal fibre felt, being a depth-based filtration medium, can mitigate pollutant by using a filter medium structure to capture particles.

It filtrates even very fine particles with the application of greatly designed layers. That is why; it is preferable over conventional filters. Even more, it possesses multiple quality features as compared to other filter techniques. Like, it has the highest range of porosity property that enables the fibre to provide 20 times better result compared to the other types of filtration elements. This high fibre porosity results in a low pressure drop that assists to save the energy cost.

Apart from these indispensible characteristics, these filters can sustain, even at the highest ranges of temperatures and pressures by the usage of stainless steel materials. It is durable, having a long life and low maintenance cost; one can go for it if one wants to spend only one time. Another demand of the customers is that filters must be cleaned easily. Interestingly, Sintered Metal fibre felt is the easiest to be cleaned lastly.

Along with that, owing to high efficiency, such type of fibres can be used in the applications of HEPA and ULPA filters. All in all, sintered metal fibre felt holds a variety of features and benefits.

You can use various types of metals and different alloys to construct the best quality sintered metal fibre felt. To acquire such a purpose, stainless steel 316L is a widely used material.  Besides that, you can select different materials such as stainless steel 304, 304L, 316 , Monel, Hartz, nickel, chromium and so on.

Selecting an appropriate material to construct filter elements takes plenty of time to make sure that you have chosen a quality product that meets the industry demands. For that, one needs to have good knowledge about filters when selecting sintered metal fibre felt.  So, while selection some suited materials and key properties must be kept in mind to meet the system requirements. i.e. porosity, permeability, effective filtration areas, size of filter, system’s working temperature and pressure.

All in all, sintered metal fibre felt is the most reliable and the most efficient material with the highest filtration capacity and excellent filtration properties.

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