How To Make Your Belt Bag Stylish

Welcome to 2020, where a belt bag is the most stylish accessory you can own!

While some people have given belt bags a bad rap for no real reason at all except for being misunderstood, belt bags have continued their rise in the fashion world and are now the item that every person needs to have!

A much-needed upgrade from the fanny pack, a belt bag has taken a card-carrying prop the must have an item of the year. Perfect for running errands, going to a weekend brunch, or attending the Met Gala, the belt bag offers fashionistas with the item they never knew they needed until now.

When Chanel and Gucci came out with their luxurious versions of the belt bag, the world went absolutely mad for them! It is safe to say that these bags are here to shine and not going anywhere just yet.

But how do you wear a belt bag and ensure it deserves the style it was intended to have.

1.  Use it as it was designed to be worn

A belt bag is quite a literal name for how the bag was originally intended to be worn. Attached to an actual high-quality belt, it easily goes around your waist and the bag sits perfectly on your hip. It doesn’t sag to your fanny like its predecessor. Instead, it sits high and proud for the world to admire.

2. Start with a neutral color

Neutral colored belt bags are perfect because it means they will go with literally every single outfit you have! That means that you won’t get scared off into wearing one out and that no matter what you are wearing that day or where you are intending on going, the belt bag will be there for the ride with you as your number one companion.

3. Get creative with how you wear it

Yes, you can always opt for the safe and sure way of wearing the belt bag around your hips. This does your body many favors too, like accentuating your hips and making you have a nice hourglass figure. But you don’t just have to keep it there. You can do a more bold and rebellious method of wearing the belt bag across one shoulder and under the other. This will sit perfectly on your chest and make you look seriously too cool for school!

4. Can’t ever go wrong with jeans

One of the most classic looks for making a belt bag stylish is pairing them up with some jeans! This clothing item was designed to have a belt compliment it, so give them an upgrade with a belt bag! You can even use the literal loops in your jeans to attach the belt bag to your hips. Who knew simple could be so darn cool!

5. Glam it up

But belt bags are not just for casual affairs. You can make your belt bag go with your fancy Instagram worth dresses and make a bold statement. Shoes no longer have to be the item that makes your outfit pop. Instead, your belt bag will do all that work for you! You will be the coolest girl at the party with your belt bag glammed up with your party dress!

6. Make it bright

Belt bags were designed to stand out, not blend in. Go bold and showcase your true personality with belt bags that have unique patterns, bright colors, or even bedazzled with sparkling gems! You will be a true trendsetter with your unique belt bags been worn wherever you go.

Belt bags were designed to be stylish. With these tricks, you can wear your favorite accessory stylishly wherever you decide to go!

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