Factors you need to keep in mind when you go for the surrogacy process

So, you are thinking to get a child from surrogacy. It is a good option for those couples who do not have children, and instead of getting desperate, you will have your genetically child. It is a process that allows you to have a child with your sperms and female egg. But, you need to keep some factors in mind when you start this procedure. Many technologies are used for this purpose, and surrogacy technology is one of the best of them. Some of the important factors are which you should consider.

Choose the best clinic for this purpose

The various clinics charge their customers in various manners. Remember, in some countries, surrogacy is prohibited. Apply only to surrogacy clinics where surrogacy is allowed. There are different clinics, and you need to choose the right one that is most authentic and certified in your area. Note that clinic works with the intended parent’s fertility. The doctor gives fertility medications for embryo transfer. A woman needs to access the clinic for routine monitoring, testing and therapy before oocyte retrieval. A man needs to test and treats before sperm retrieval.

How to save money

No doubt, this procedure is not inexpensive, but you can reduce your expenses with some tricks:

  • A surrogate mother from permitted countries with lower price. Known that surrogate mother service from Georgia and Ukraine is cheaper than from USA, Canada or Chzech Republic. It will be a great thing for you that you know  the leihmutter tschechien
  • If you are young and have fresh sperm and eggs – you can select Econom surrogacy service
  • You can use medical insurance for payment compensation. You can ask medical staff for special document for it
  • Do not enter into a contract with surrogate agency – it is only agent between you and surrogate clinic.
  • Don’t agree to contract with only one single IVF procedure – it is trap. Important that most cases need 2-4 IVFs.

Payment method

Different clinics charge as per their services. But, if any clinic is offering you an inexpensive procedure, then make sure it is safe. A licensed and certified clinic will never charge you a low amount. But it is a 100% safe and guaranteed procedure for all the clients. Make sure the clinic has a large building, an operating theater and a maternity hospital.

Some clinics offer easy to use the payment method. It is good for the clients to pay their amount in installments. The payment methods are simple and easy here. You can pay them in cash or through your debit and credit card. Best way – legal wire transfer from your bank account.

Super-fast set up

They give excellent payment solutions to their customers. The best facility encourages you to set aside your time and cash to take the installment from the bank because of their cutting edge installment technique.


You must have to sign a contract between the parties (you, surrogate clinic, surrogate mother)  if you are going to hire women are a surrogate mother. In this agreement, you will decide the leihmutter kosten UkraineThe cost of the surrogate mother will be mentioned in the agreement, and it is your safe side. You can discuss your terms and conditions with each other.

24/7 support

The committed group of specialists is consistently there to support you and give you uphold. They help you in unraveling your issues.

You can access them very easily. For the routine checkup, they will give you an appointment, but in some cases, you need the help of your doctor in case of an emergency. So, you should access them as soon as possible. Keep this factor in mind that you need to consider that you will get emergency services without any issues.

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