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Best Way To Keep Your Dog Warm – Self Warming Bed Or Heated Dog Bed?

Every pet owner is keen to keep their beloved dogs warm and cozy during the cold months by arranging for some heated pet bed. As much as the puppies that need special care during cold temperatures, older dogs, too, need almost similar care to regulate their body temperatures to keep them safe and healthy.  The same kind of care is necessary for dogs with certain health conditions like arthritis and joint pain that can be eased by allowing the dog to rest on a self warming heated dog bed or a heated dog bed.

Pet owners may have some reservations about buying a heated bed for their dog, especially about its safe use because the beds mostly use electrical heatingexcept for the type that is self-warming and does not use electricity. Not all dogs require heated beds, and it depends on the dog’s condition to justify its use. While self-warming beds might seem safer, the other types are beds are safe, too, and you can choose from various kinds of beds, depending on whether to use it indoors or outdoors. For example, if you are using the bed outdoor where there are no electrical outlets, self- warming dog beds is a better option.

Consider what is best for your dog

Your dog’s health and age are the primary considerations to decide if it would benefit from a heated dog bed. Furry breeds of dogs can protect themselves from cold temperatures as the furry coat provides insulation and retains the body temperature at a comfortable level despite the cold weather outside. Dogs with no fur or small built found it hard to keep themselves warm during winter, and it would find the heated bed most comfortable to stay cozy on cold days and nights.

As dogs age, their health deteriorates. It may suffer from joint and arthritis pain or spinal cord injuries, circulation issues, and hip dysplasia, which calls for the exceptional care that heated beds can provide to keep the animal comfortable. The warmth and heat of the bed soothe pain and makes it an attractive place for resting. For added support and comfort, buy an orthopedic heated version of the bed.

Features of heated dog beds

Dogs must be comfortable in bed, and you must choose a bed that ensures the best support and cozy feeling when the dog rests on it. The bed must have a suitable length of electrical cord to provide constant heating when plugged into an outlet. Choose a type that has thermostatic temperature control, which allows setting the temperature to the desired level so that it automatically regulates the temperature to avoid over-heating.

For more flexibility of use and in case you want to avoid electricity use, you can opt for a self-warming bed, which is a much safer option. This type of bed uses some unique material that can retain heat, and as the dog rests on the bed; its body temperature keeps the bed naturally warm and offers comfort. These beds are useful when traveling with your dog or engaging in some outdoor activities.

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